Becoming an indexer 3: tutorials, workshops and other support

Posted on: 24/11/2023

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This post follows on from the overview of the training course modules and explains how the other aspects of the SI training course – online tutorials, workshops, practice exercises and advice and support – will help you prepare for a career as an indexer.

Support available throughout the course

The training course website includes quizzes to reinforce what is being taught in the course text. In addition, there is a list of suggested texts (with indexes) which students can index to get further practice. If you have any questions, or just want to connect with fellow students, you can post to an online student forum. There is also an email helpline available.

Once you start Module B, you’ll be allocated a Course Adviser, who you can consult if you have queries about what you’re learning on the course, about indexing theory and practice in general, and about developing and establishing your indexing career.

Online tutorials

You’ll need to complete three online tutorials over the training course; tutorials are run via asynchronous email discussion. You need to complete Module A before you do your first tutorial.

Tutorials give you extra practice in indexing real texts. You’ll be part of a group of 6-10 students who will compile an index to a set text of 30-40 pages, and share and discuss their work. Discussion is led by a tutor, who will share their own index at the end of the two-week tutorial period.

Active Indexing Workshop

Once you’ve reached Module D, you’ll need to take this online workshop. It gives an overview of eBooks and how their indexes work, and insights into various types of embedded indexing techniques that you may need in your indexing career. It also explains the publishing industry context for eBook and embedded indexing. It includes examples of embedded indexing software and exercises to support your learning. You’ll complete four compulsory exercises at the end of the workshop, and submit these to a tutor who will provide feedback.

Finding out more

To learn more about the training course, visit the SI training course overview page to about it, see a sample of Module A, and details of the costs involved.

About the authors

Rachel Gee is the Society of Indexers’ Training Director and has been indexing professionally since 2011. Kim Birchall has been an indexer since 2008 and is the Training Course Co-ordinator. Tanya Izzard has been indexing full-time since 2017 and is the Marketing Director of SI.

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