Directory of Professional Indexers

All the indexers listed here are Professional Members (MSocInd), Advanced Professional Members (MSocInd(Adv)) or Fellows (FSocInd) of the Society of Indexers with recognised indexing qualifications.

To find an indexer by subject, select a subject using the drop-down menu. Subjects are arranged alphabetically in categories (indicated by bold type): click on the plus sign to show the subjects in each group. You may find it helpful to look at the full list of subjects.

If you want to restrict your search to indexers with a particular skill (e.g. embedded indexing) use the skills drop-down menu.

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For some subjects, you will need to scroll down the page of search results to see all the indexers offering those subjects. Indexers’ profiles include relevant experience for each subject, publication type and skill that they offer, which will help you to find those whose experience most closely matches your requirements.

You will also find the advice on commissioning an index and indexing fees useful.