The Moys-Crane Prize (formerly the The Betty Moys Prize)

The late Betty Moys MBE, distinguished indexer and formerly the Society’s Honorary Treasurer, left a generous legacy to the Society to provide an annual prize for a new indexer. The prize has been presented since 2002 to the best newly Accredited Indexer in the calendar year. The legacy itself is now at an end, but the Executive Board decided to continue the award, and from 2012 the winner received a year’s free Society membership.

The late Ian Crane was a distinguished indexer who served as Chairman of the Society. He left a legacy to the Society which the Executive Board chose to add towards the continuing award of the prize to the best new indexer in each calendar year. In recognition of the legacy the Executive Board changed the name of the prize to the Moys-Crane Prize.

All candidates who successfully complete the Training Course between 1 January and 31 December, based on the marking date of the PIA, are automatically considered. The successful candidate will have received high marks in their test papers and will have done exceptionally well on their Assignments; the comments of Markers, Tutors, and PIA Advisers are all taken into consideration.


Year Recipient(s)
2020 Graine Milner
  Highly commended Anna Lord
2019 Melina Costi
  Highly commended Dino Costi and Non Lowri Evans
2018 Angela Page and Helen Taylor
2017 No winner
  Highly commended Tanya Izzard
2016 Tessa Botha and Jan Heaton
2015 Mhairi Gray
   Highly commended: Jim Shine
2014 No winner
   Highly commended: Philippa Jevons
2013 Melanie Gee and Cheryl Hunston
2012 No winner
   Highly commended (in alphabetical order): Barbara Spina; Fiona Stables
2011 Lucy Leicester
   Highly commended (in alphabetical order): Cathryn Pritchard; Janice Rayment
2010 Marie-Pierre Evans
2009 Sanet Le Roux
2008 John Wintrip
2007 Roger Bennett
2006 Amanda Jones
2005 Christopher Phipps
2004 Pauline Davis, Sue Edwards and Louise Secker
2003 Jonathan Marriott
2002 Mary Jane Steer