Workshops & indexing skills sessions

The Society of Indexers offers 1-1.5 hours indexing skills sessions and half-day, full-day and online workshops as part of its education and continuing professional development programme.. Their purpose is two-fold: to enhance indexing skills through the guidance of an expert tutor, and to give the opportunity to network and learn from other indexers.

Indexing skills sessions and workshops on a variety of topics take place at different times and locations through the year, typically at conferences or at the request of local groups. Alternatively, online workshops enable individual study at a time to suit you. For prices go to our online shop. Members of affiliated societies can use their discount coupon code once the workshop is in your shopping cart. Non-members who subsequently join the Society after taking the Indexing basics workshop will receive a £30 discount off the cost of SI membership.

The Society of Indexers offers a half-day in-house workshop on Indexing for Editors for publishing companies.

Courses and workshops run by other organisations may also be of interest to indexers.