SI bookshop and publications

The following publications are available for purchase in the online SI-Shop (apart from OP1).

Occasional Papers

The Occasional Papers, published by the Society of Indexers, were intended to contribute to raising standards of indexing in the fields they covered, to stimulate indexers in all specialisms to think more deeply about the principles and methods of their work and to be useful to librarians and others concerned with the retrieval of information. Five were originally published, written by indexers who were all well known in their specialist fields.

The following titles are still in print.

A practical, accessible and interesting guide, from the indexer of the Strand Magazine and Punch. Full of useful — and often entertaining — examples.

Based on research into index use, this highlights the essential features that should be included in indexes to all books for children.

The new 4th edition of  OP1: Hazel K Bell, Indexing biographies and other stories of human lives, 2020, 112pp. is now available to purchase from Liverpool University Press

H. B. Wheatley’s books

To celebrate the centenary in 2002 of Henry B. Wheatley’s book How to make an index, a limited run of facsimile editions of both this book and his earlier work What is an index? were published by the Society of Indexers. Wheatley was the first secretary and a prime mover behind the Index Society, founded in 1877 and the Wheatley Medal was named in his honour. The Index Society eventually merged with the British Record Society which now has no direct links with the Society of Indexers. They are available for purchase either individually or both books at a special offer rate in the online SI-Shop.