Commissioning an index

Editors or other clients are recommended to:

  • contact indexers at an early stage and keep them informed of any changes to the schedule
  • agree the professional requirements of both sides, preferably in writing, when the index is commissioned.

Points to discuss are:

  • length and layout of the required index
  • time schedule
  • proofreading by the indexer
  • crediting the indexer in the text
  • providing a complimentary copy of the work
  • the fee

Our guide will take you through the whole process of commissioning an index and evaluating the finished product

Once the indexer has been booked for the job, it is vitally important to keep him/her informed of any changes to the schedule. Failure to do so may mean that the indexer will not be able to juggle their own schedule to fit the job in at a different time. It can also mean the indexer having no work during the time originally booked, resulting in loss of income.

Completing this form and emailing it to potential indexers may help them assess their availability and suitability for the job and quote a realistic fee.

A contract is not always necessary, but a detailed brief will help to avoid any misunderstandings about what is required. A suggested outline contract is here