Indexing qualifications

Successful completion of the SI training course leads to the status of Accredited indexer (AI) and Professional Membership of the Society, which entitles you to an entry in the Society’s Directory of Professional Indexers and allows you to advance through the following grades of membership:

Professional Members

Professional Members are indexers who have passed the Society’s training course or obtained suitable experience elsewhere. They are entitled to use the postnominal MSocInd.

It is possible for highly experienced indexers to obtain Accredited Indexer status without undertaking the full training course. Applicants need to join the Society of Indexers, provide evidence of indexing experience over at least 10 years, study the SI training modules and take a test. Successful applicants will be awarded Accredited Indexer status as long as they remain members of SI, and will be able to progress to Advanced Professional Member status in the normal way.

Advanced Professional Membership

Advanced Professional Members are Professional Members who have obtained an appropriate level of indexing experience over at least two years. They are entitled to use the postnominal MSocInd (Adv).


Advanced Professional Members with a further two years of experience may apply for Fellowship.

Applications for Fellowship were suspended in 2016, pending a review of the application process. A new CPD-based pathway for Fellowship will be launched later in 2021. Successful applicants will receive the grade of Fellow for as long as they remain members of the Society.