Tanya Izzard, PhD

Location: Brighton

Membership Grade: Advanced Professional Member

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I create embedded and back-of-the-book indexes for academic and trade books in the humanities, working with publishers and directly with authors. Commissions are also welcome on management and education policy, relating to my professional background.  I was highly commended for the Betty Moys Award for the best newly qualified indexer in 2017. I serve on the Society of Indexers’ Executive Board as Marketing Director.

I speak and read German to a high standard and have a good working knowledge of French and Italian.

Recent indexes in my specialist areas are listed below; for a full list of my work, please visit my website.


English Literature

Asha Hornsby, Vivisection and Late Victorian Literary Culture, Cambridge University Press 2024
Katey Castellano, Robert Wedderburn, Abolition, and the Commons: Romanticism’s Black Geographies, Cambridge University Press 2024
Wan-Chuan Kao, White before whiteness in the late Middle Ages, Manchester University Press 2024
Myra Stokes and Ad Putter, Medieval Love Letters: a critical anthology, Cambridge University Press 2024
Harriet Soper, The Life Course in Old English Poetry, Cambridge University Press 2023

I welcome books on all periods of English literature and have detailed specialist knowledge of fiction from the first half of the twentieth century.

Cultural Studies

Philip Deans, Crisis, Reinvention and Resilience in Museums, Palgrave Macmillan 2024
James Procter, Scripting Empire: Broadcasting, the BBC, and the Black Atlantic, Oxford University Press 2024
Chloe Wigston Smith, Novels, Needleworks, and Empire: Material Entanglements in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic World, Yale University Press 2024
Lauren Rea, Children’s Culture and Citizenship in Argentina: A History of Billiken Magazine (1919–2019), White Rose University Press 2023
Corinne Mühlemann, Complex Weaves, Didymos Verlag 2023

History (All Areas)

Jakob Norberg, Schopenhauer’s Politics, Cambridge University Press 2024
Shannon McSheffrey and Ad Putter, The Dutch Hatmakers of Late Medieval and Tudor London, Boydell Press 2023
Darragh Gannon, Conflict, Diaspora, and Empire: Irish Nationalism in Britain, 1912–1922, Cambridge University Press 2023
Mikkel Dack, Everyday Denazification in Postwar Germany, Cambridge University Press 2023
Hakim Adi, African and Caribbean People in Britain: A History, Allen Lane 2022
Joanne Paul, The House of Dudley, Michael Joseph 2022

Literature and Poetry In Foreign Languages

Ad Putter and Elisabeth van Houts (eds), Literature and History of Anglo-Dutch Relations, British Academy/Oxford University Press 2024
Christopher Childers (editor and translator), The Penguin Book of Greek and Latin Lyric Verse, Penguin Classics 2023
Kate Averis, Margaret Littler, and Godela Weiss-Sussex (eds), Contested Communities: Small, Minority and Minor Literatures in Europe, Legenda 2023
Mark Chinca and Christopher Young (eds), Literary Beginnings in the European Middle Ages, Cambridge University Press 2022

German (Works About)

Charlotte Lee, Goethe in Context, Cambridge University Press 2024
Johann Peter Eckermann, Conversations with Goethe, Penguin Classics 2022
Jakob Norberg, The Brothers Grimm and the Making of German Nationalism, Cambridge University Press 2022


Emma Whipday and Simon Smith, Playing and Playgoing in Early Modern England, Cambridge University Press 2022
James Harriman-Smith, Criticism, Performance and the Passions in the Eighteenth Century, Cambridge University Press 2021
Lisa Woynarski, Ecodramaturgies: theatre, performance and climate change, Palgrave Macmillan 2021
Nicky Hatton, Theatre and Dementia: a cultural response to care, Palgrave Macmillan 2021

Gender Studies

Ulrike Krause, Difficult Life in a Refugee Camp: Gender, Violence, and Coping in Uganda, Cambridge University Press 2021
Alison Phipps, Me, Not You: The Trouble with Mainstream Feminism, Manchester University Press 2020
Arianne Chernock, The Right to Rule and the Rights of Women: Queen Victoria and the Women’s Movement, CUP 2019

LGBT Studies

Stephen Turton, Before the Word was Queer: Sexuality and the English Dictionary, 1600–1930, Cambridge University Press 2024
Timothy Gitzen, Banal Security: Queer Korea in the Time of Viruses, Helsinki University Press 2023
Ben Nichols, Same Old: Queer Theory, Literature and the Politics of Sameness, Manchester University Press 2020
Andy Campbell, Bound Together: Leather, Sex, Archives and Contemporary Art, Manchester University Press 2020

Art History

Elize Mazadiego, Charting Space: the cartographies of conceptual art, Manchester University Press 2023
Olga Viso (ed), Coco Fusco: Tomorrow, I will become an island, Thames & Hudson 2023
Sarah Wong and Stacey Pierson (eds), Collectors, Curators, Connoisseurs: A Century of the Oriental Ceramic Society 1921-2021, Oriental Ceramic Society 2021
Stijn Bussels, Caroline Van Eck, Bram Van Oostveldt (eds), The Amsterdam Town Hall in Words and Images, Bloomsbury 2021
Elize Mazadiego, Dematerialization and the Social Materiality of Art, Brill 2021
Anne Collett and Dorothy Jones, Judith Wright and Emily Carr: Gendered Colonial Modernity, Bloomsbury 2021


Mizan R. Khan et al, The Paris Framework for Climate Change Capacity Building, Routledge 2018

Many years of professional experience of management, policy development, staff management and partnership working.

Related qualifications

PhD English Literature, University of Sussex 2014
MA Modernism, University of Sussex 2008
PGCert Management, University of Brighton 2003
BA (Hons) German, University of Nottingham 1988

Other skills

Embedded Indexing
Recent embedded indexes include:
Darrah Gannon, Conflict, Diaspora, and Empire: Irish Nationalism in Britain, 1912–1922, Cambridge University Press 2023 (Word)
Timothy Gitzen, Banal Security: Queer Korea in the Time of Viruses, Helsinki University Press 2023 (InDesign)
Barry Kester, Round in Circles: The Story of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Carousel, i2i Publishing 2022 (Word)
Carl Rommel and Joseph John Viscomi (eds), Locating the Mediterranean: Connections and Separations across Space and Time, Helsinki University Press 2022 (Word)
Gavin Daly, Storm and Sack: British Sieges, Violence and the Laws of War in the Napoleonic Era, 1799–1815, Cambridge University Press 2022 (Word)
Brodwyn Fischer and Keila Grinberg (eds), The Boundaries of Freedom: Slavery, Abolition, and the Making of Modern Brazil, Cambridge University Press 2022 (Word)
Michael Kwass, The Consumer Revolution, 1650–1800, Cambridge University Press 2021 (Word)
Heather Jones, For King and Country: The British Monarchy and the First World War, Cambridge University Press 2021 (Word)

I've worked with a number of self-published authors, advising on the indexing process that will suit their project and method of publication, and providing indexes for self-published eBooks.
Recent self-publishing projects include Catherine Pope's How to Finish Your PhD (2021).

Archival research and literature review research undertaken for PhD. Professional experience of research includes literature review, data analysis and report writing.

Clients Include

As well as working with individual authors, I've indexed books from the following publishers: Allen Lane
British Library
Cambridge University Press
Boydell Press
David Zwirner Books
Edward Everett Root
Folio Society
Handheld Press
Helsinki University Press
Manchester University Press
Oxford University Press
Palgrave Macmillan
Penguin Random House
Thames and Hudson
Ubiquity Press

Special Publication Type

Biographies/ Autobiographies

Johann Peter Eckermann, Conversations with Goethe, Penguin Classics 2022
Rebecca Abrams, Licoricia of Winchester: Power and Prejudice in Medieval England, The Licoricia of Winchester Appeal 2022
Jacquie Buttriss, A Muddy Trench: A Sniper’s Bullet, Pen and Sword 2018
Kate Macdonald (editor), The Conscientious Objector’s Wife, Handheld Press 2018
Alan McNee, The Cockney Who Sold the Alps: Albert Smith and the Ascent of Mont Blanc, Victorian Secrets 2015
Carolyn Oulton, Below the Fairy City: A Life of Jerome K. Jerome, Victorian Secrets 2012


Sarah Wong and Stacey Pierson (eds), Collectors, Curators, Connoisseurs: A Century of the Oriental Ceramic Society 1921-2021, Oriental Ceramic Society 2021
Agnes Denes: Absolutes and Intermediates (The Shed 2019)
James Cook: the Voyages (British Library 2018)

In-House Documents

I have extensive professional experience of working on in-house regulatory and procedural documents and reports in the higher education sector.


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