Aims and objectives

The Society of Indexers promotes indexing, the quality of indexes and the profession of indexing.  Founded in 1957, it is the only autonomous professional body for indexers in the United Kingdom and Ireland, and membership is open to any person who is or intends to be directly involved in indexing.

The Society runs a well-established training course, successful completion of which leads to accreditation and professional membership. It also organises conferences and seminars, workshops and local group meetings, and publishes an international journal, The Indexer, and a members’ newsletter, SIdelights.  Qualified indexers are  listed in the Directory of Professional Indexers.

Aims and objectives

The stated aims and objectives of the Society are to:

  • Promote improved standards and techniques in all forms of indexing
  • Provide, promote and recognize facilities for the initial training of new indexers and for further training at more advanced levels
  • Establish criteria for assessing the conformity of indexes to recognized standards
  • Establish and maintain procedures for conferring upon members recognized professional status
  • Conduct and promote research into indexing and related matters
  • Publish and disseminate guidance, information and ideas concerning indexing
  • Promote among indexers, authors, publishers and other interested persons and organizations relationships conducive to the advancement of good indexing
  • Enhance awareness and recognition of professionally produced indexes and the role of indexers in the analysis, organization and accessibility of recorded knowledge and ideas