Prices and ordering (5th Edition)

All course materials should be ordered through the online  SI-Shop. Non-members may order Module A only. Students already enrolled on the training course need to be logged into the members’ area of the website before ordering items.

The price for each module includes the cost of one assignment or test; for Module D it includes the cost of the D Theory test and the Embedded indexing in MS Word workshop. For tests, if you do not reach pass standard at the first attempt you will be able to resit the test.

5th Edition Course 2024 Prices
Test resit
(Modules A and D only)
Whole testPart 1/ Theory
Part 2/
Module A (includes Module A Test)£254.75
Module B (includes Module B Indexing Assignment)£397.00
Module C (includes Module C1 Indexing Assignment)£422.00
Module C2 Indexing Assignment£164.00
Module D (Includes D1 Theory Test and Active indexing workshop)£282.50£140.00
D2 Practical Test£216.00£216.00
Pre-Qualification Indexing Assignment (PIA)£141.50
Three online tutorials£93.00 each
Optional Module D Indexing Assignment (recommended) £140.00

Note: if you are already a student on the SI course you will find more details on how to order all the above items in the Students section of the Members Area.

Module A

You need to be a member of the Society, or a member of an affiliated indexing society, to register for the training course.

Non-members may purchase Module A and have access to the training course website for one month while they decide whether to proceed with the course. Please note, however, that some resource material on the website is available to SI members only. After one month you must become a member of SI to continue accessing the training course site and also to apply for the first test at a time acceptable to you.

No refund will be given on the module cost for anyone who decides not to proceed with the course.

If you want more information on Module A before purchase, you can download a sample extract, including full contents pages, here.

You can purchase Module A through the SI-Shop. By purchasing Module A, you confirm that you have read, understand and agree to the rules set out above. 

We require up to 2 working days to process your request and will then send an acknowledgement email with details of how to access the training course.