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Indexers Available online directory

We regret that we have temporarily had to reduce the scope of Indexers Available due to technical problems.

Indexers Available is the Society's directory of SI-approved indexers who are currently available to take on new indexing commissions. Individual availability will depend on the size, type and deadline of the proposed job.

Preparing to contact an indexer

Completing this MS Word (RTF) form RTF (Rich Text Format) file and emailing it to potential indexers will help them assess their availability and suitability for the job and quote a realistic fee. If you need an indexer urgently, try telephoning first to check availability.

If commissioning your first index, there is guidance on what to expect and what to have ready here: How to commission an index


Guidance as to typical fees and help with the negotiation process are available here: Fees for indexing

Find an indexer

A pdf version of the whole directory is available here. This can be used to search for an indexer by subject, etc.


The Society of Indexers hopes that this directory will be useful to anyone seeking an indexer. However, the Society can accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the details provided by each indexer or the work of any of the indexers listed on this directory.

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