Test resits

A candidate who does not reach the required standard in Test Paper A may make one further attempt after an interval of one month from receipt of the result. For Test Papers B, C and D, two further attempts may be made, again after an interval of one month from receipt of the result. If only one part is below pass standard you may resit that part only.

Resit fees are not included in the Module price and test resits need to be purchased separately. When you are ready to resit your test you need to purchase the relevant whole or part resit paper from the SI shop (log-in to Members Area required). Scroll through the alphabetical listing of publications to ‘Tests’) and make your purchase,  then email the SI Office (admin@indexers.org.uk) to request that the test paper is sent to you.

Test paper resit fees can be found in the table on the Prices and Ordering page.

Preparing for your Resit

Two one-to-one tutorials are available for students who have failed Tests B, C or D. Information is sent to candidates with their test result.

Re-marks and appeals

If you wish to challenge a fail result you may request a re-mark; there is a charge for this process. If the paper is a third-time fail and the re-mark confirms the fail result, you may appeal to the Training Course Committee. Please contact the Course Administrator for details of these processes.

Test structure

Submissions and time limits

Pass rates

Markers’ comments