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Online Tutorial report: SIOT6

We were given a series of texts from a conservation bulletin to index and had two weeks to complete the task. The articles were about the conservation of places of worship in England, including a mosque, a synagogue and various churches and chapels.

The discussions ranged in subject from the names of churches, to seating and how to index illustrations. The topic of unsought headings was also covered as well as names of various people within the text.

The discussions were led by Ann Hudson, but the members were allowed and encouraged to raise their own questions and contribute to the general discussion by answering each other’s points.

The tutorial was lively and the mix of participants in experience and confidence created an interesting range of discussions. I think we all learned a lot from the tutorial, and certainly some of us gained confidence from the experience. I would thoroughly recommend the online tutorials as a way to gain experience and confidence in an encouraging atmosphere.

Janet Reed