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Markers’ comments (4th Edition)

All candidates (whether successful or unsuccessful) receive helpful written comments from markers via the Course Administrator. These comments may indicate areas where you need further study, and may suggest that you look again at particular sections in the course materials. Candidates with borderline passes on tests C – D may be advised to take the one-to-one tutorial available to them before proceeding to the next module. Details can be obtained from the SI Office.

Clarification of comments

If having studied the markers’ feedback carefully there is still a comment which you do not understand you can ask the marker for clarification. Please send your query (maximum one A4 sheet in 12pt type, as an email attachment if possible) to the Course Administrator who will forward it to the marker. Clarification is provided to aid fuller understanding of indexing principles and thus improve your success in the course, but marking decisions cannot be challenged through this process. Candidates who are unhappy about an actual marking decision may request a re-mark. Details from the SI Office.

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