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Conference 2021: ‘Boosting your Indexing Business’

Online conference: 9-10 November 2021

Whether or not you get your COVID-19 booster shot this autumn, you can join us online to give your indexing business a boost. Programme details will be published shortly, but through a mixture of talks, demonstrations and break-out sessions we hope to have something of interest for everyone, from indexing students and newly qualified indexers to those who have been members for many years. If you haven’t yet been able to get to an SI  conference, now’s your chance. Join us from the comfort of your home office – no need to book trains or schedule significant time away from home and work commitments.  And if you’re a regular conference goer, you know it will be worth registering.


When: Tuesday 9 November (afternoon) and Wednesday 10 November (morning)

Cost: £25 for one day, £40 for whole conference

How to book: booking will open mid-September