Equipment, technology and software

Online security

GetSafeOnline is a UK government service providing home users and small businesses with advice on protecting computers, mobile phones and other devices from malicious attack.

For reviews of all kinds of Internet security and privacy products, including firewall, anti-virus, and anti-spam software, try the Home PC Firewall Guide.


If you receive spam email, and want to report it to the sender’s ISP, there is useful guidance in How To Find the Full Headers When Sending Complaints to an ISP.


Thinkbroadband is full of information on ADSL broadband. TheFreeSite.com and DailyeDeals.comprovide lists and reviews of free ISPs.


Practically Networked has lots of useful information and advice, including reviews and tutorials on topics such as wireless networking and sharing internet connections.

Indexing software

The most popular indexing software programs are listed below.  They each have downloadable demonstration versions available from their respective websites.


For information about CINDEX™, visit the Indexing Research Website. A downloadable demonstration version is available.

Index Manager

Specifically designed for embedded indexing, in both Word and InDesign. The Index Manager website has a downloadable version.


MACREX indexing software Website has a downloadable demo version of the software.

SKY Index Professional

For further information about SKY Index Professional, visit the SKY Software Website. A downloadable demonstration version is available.


Please note that these details are given in the interests of public information only. The Society neither recommends nor endorses any of the products listed on this Web page.