Vidya Natarajan

Location: Bangalore

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General Experience

I am an Accredited Indexer, qualified with the Society of Indexers (SI) in 2018. With double post-graduate degrees in Science, one with a research background in Immunology, I have 5+ years of experience indexing academic books. Although my professional background has been in Science, I enjoy indexing works in diverse subject areas and have had the opportunity to index books in Humanities, Literature, Philosophy and Social Sciences. I work for self-publishing authors, publishers and E-publishing companies, preparing back-of-the-book indexes from PDFs and embedded indexes in MS Word, and welcome commissions for both.


Related qualifications

MSc. (By Research in Immunology), 2006
MSc. Zoology, 2001
BSc. Zoology, 1999

Other skills

Embedded Indexing
I have worked on Embedded Indexing projects for Anthem Press and Cambridge University Press.

I have proof read Science books for CRC Press --Taylor and Francis.

I have created abstracts for over 100 articles for Wolters Kluwer journals.

Project Management
I have handled two projects for permission clearance for Oxford University Press, UK, and have managed three projects that involved development of online trackers for submission of manuscripts in development stages for Oxford University Press, US.

Training In Indexing
I have trained new appointees in indexing processes and also streamlined the process while working previously for an E-publishing company. (See LinkedIn profile for details.)

Training (Generally)
I was a teacher and trainer in Practical Cell Biology for undergraduate students at the University of Alberta in Canada. I have trained undergraduate students from different academic institutions in India on the practical applications of Bioinformatics.

Recent indexes include

Lizelle Bisschoff and Stefanie Van de Peer, Women in African Cinema: Beyond the Body Politic, Routledge, January 2020
Jill E. Anderson and Melanie R. Anderson, Shirley Jackson and Domesticity: Beyond the Haunted House, Bloomsbury Publishing, January 2020

Clients Include

Anthem Press, Bloomsbury Publishing, Grey House Publishing, J. Ross Publishing, Palgrave MacMillan, People's Medical Publishing House (PMPH, USA), Routledge, Springer Publishing Company, Self publishers.

Special Publication Type


MS Word