Rosemary Anderson, BA(Hons) AI.MSocInd(Adv)


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General Experience

I have been an Accredited indexer since 1994,was a chartered librarian; my previous career included working as a reference librarian and cataloguer at the India Office Library, in London. I have a BA in French/History of Art specialising in Byzantine art, Trecento, Renaissance, French Impressionism and 19th century British art. Other subjects covered include biography, British in India, Christian religion, church architecture, history, medieval, and later, the Lake District,and Lake Poets, wildlife and nature, Victorian London. Large or small projects are accepted. Deadlines always met. I am available throughout the year.


Art History

/I studied Art History at London University, Birkbeck College, enjoying it very much, mainly in the field of Renaissance studies but also up to the 19th century. Books indexed: Treasures of Islam/Paper Jewels by Omar Khan/Treasures of Islam, Duncan Baird/Art in Exile, Art Dictionaries/ The Art of the Buddha, Oxford University Press/

Cultural Studies

/I have a BA (Hons)from London University in French Language and Literature, along with my degree in History of Art. I am interested in languages and have spent a year living in France, teaching English part-time at the University of Lyon.
Titles of books I have indexed in this area, might be Collected letters of Rosina Bulwer Lytton, Pickering & Chatto, The Blake Book (Myrone), Tate publications, Millais in his time and ours (Rosenfeld) Tate Publications, Raising Parents (Willan Publishing/How the World changed Social Media, UCL Press

Literature and Poetry In English

/I have worked as a volunteer at the home of William Wordsworth, Dove Cottage, Grasmere, Cumbria, and have always loved poetry, especially
older works. I have indexed “Private Lives of the Ancient Mariner (Coleridge)” by Molly Lefebure/
Charles Dickens, Selected Letters, O.U.P /Romantic Literature, Balberry Publishing/ Raising Parents, Willan Publishing


/I have indexed Alice in the Orient, Anthem Press/ Medicine in Renaissance Florence, Wellcome History of Medicine/The Cruel Madness of Love, Wellcome History of Medicine/


/Books indexed: Atlas of International Boundaries, The Stationary Office/Keywords in 19th Century Art, Art Dictionaries Ltd/AQA Psychology Textbook, Philip Allan Updates/ Forensic Psychology in Context, Willan Publishing/Radical Gardening, University of Salford

Ancient History

/I am fascinated by this, especially medieval, but have covered a range of subjects.Asian Civilisations, Edward Elgar/Medicine in Renaissance Florence, Wellcome History of Medicine/

British History

/Provincial Society and Empire: Cumbria and the East Indies by Kay-Saville Smith, New Zealand/
The Story of Manchester by Deborah Woodman/
Sound and Modernity in the History of London, 1888-1918/

European History

/Medicine in Renaissance Florence, Wellcome History of Medicine/Discord in the Low Countries, UCL Press/


/Sound and Modernity in the History of London, 1880 to 1918/

Medieval History


Religious History

Treasures of Islam, Duncan Baird/Index to Transnational Faiths


/Index to the Mother of God in Byzantium/ Index to Miracles in the Christian West/Index to a Will to Believe/

Cultural Studies

/East Asia’s Other Miracle, Alex J. Bellamy/ Indian Suffragettes, University of Bristol


/ My work as a librarian at the India Office Library in London, gave me a great interest in India. I was a cataloguer of books and also a reference assistant in the public reading room.
Books Indexed: India, definitions and clarifications, by Reginald Massey, Hansib Publications/Paper Jewels,by Omar Khan/Indian Suffragettes,by Sumita Mukherjee, University of Bristol/


Victorian London: books indexed, Charles Dickens, Selected Letters, O.U.P./

Related qualifications

BA (Hons) French, History of Art, from London University

Other skills

Cataloguing And Classification
15 years at libraries in I.C.I. Welwyn, Herts. and India Office Library, London

Recent indexes include

Sumita Mukherjee,

Indian Suffragettes/em>

, Bristol University, February 2018
Omar Khan,

Paper Jewels

, author paid for, January 2018
Corinne Tan,

Regulating Content on Social Media

, UCL Press, January 2018
Charles Allen,


, Little Brown Book Company
Fenoulhet, Quist,

Discord in the Low Countries

, UCL Press

Clients Include

Hansib Publishing
Oxford University Press
University College Press, University College London
Lutterworth Press
UCL Press

Special Publication Type

Journals (Learned And Professional)