Philippa Jevons, MA (Cantab), PGDip

Location: Faversham

Membership Grade: Advanced Professional Member

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Phone: 07813 997976

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Classical Studies

I’m a Cambridge Classics graduate with an ongoing interest in the classical world. I index classics journals for CUP and various educational, academic and general-readership books in the area.


My degree is in Classics including Latin language and literature. I’ve indexed introductory Latin textbooks and books and journals requiring knowledge of Latin.

Greek (Works About)

My degree is in Classics including Ancient Greek language and literature. I have indexed journals, monographs and multi-author volumes requiring use of Ancient Greek.


I’ve indexed a large university-level textbook in worldwide pre-history and archaeology.

Ancient History

My degree is in Classics and I have a good general knowledge of ancient history. I have indexed a large university-level textbook on the history of Greece, and index classical journals and other works in the ancient history/classical studies area.


I trained as an actor after university and have an interest in theory, practice and history of theatre and related arts.

Special Needs Education

I have worked in special needs education and have particular experience in the field of sensory impairments.

Art History

I’ve indexed university-level textbooks both broadly in the history and techniques of art, and more specifically in Ancient Greek art and architecture.

Philosophy (All Areas)

Generally historical more than contemporary philosophy. My academic Classics background includes study of Ancient Greek and Roman philosophy; I have indexed titles in ancient ethics and early modern philosophy.

Related qualifications

MA (Cantab) in Classics
PGDip in Acting
Highly commended for the Betty Moys Award 2014

Other skills

Embedded Indexing
Numerous embedded indexes in Word; user of Index-Manager, which is also compatible with Adobe InDesign.

Clients Include

Cambridge University Press, Hodder Education, Thames & Hudson, University of York

Special Publication Type

Journals (Learned And Professional)

I index academic journals in the field of classical literature and ancient history.