Nic Nicholas

Location: Kent

Membership Grade: Advanced Professional Member

Contact Info

Phone: 01634 685914
Mobile: 07810188493
Fax: 01634 685914

General Experience

Advanced member of SI. Studied history at undergraduate level. Business background including proofreading/copy-editing leaflets and reports. Worked to tight deadlines with budgetary constraints. Happy to consider any commission and available all year round including school holidays. Deadlines are always met.


History (All Areas)

Studied at degree level. Especially interested in cultural, social and local history. Recent indexes include ‘Making Medieval Manuscripts‘ (De Hamel), ‘Squatting in Britain 1945-1955‘ (Watson), ‘Resolution‘ (Rutland & Ellis), ‘The Medici‘ (Hollingsworth), ‘Blood Royal‘ (Bicheno),’Caesar’s Footprints‘ (Omrani), ‘The Making Of The British Landscape‘ (Crane), ‘Stonehenge‘ (Pryor).

Art History

Studied at degree level. Have produced indexes for museums – exhibition and catalogues. Recent work includes ‘London: Prints and Drawings before 1800‘(Nurse), ‘Oxford in Prints: 1675-1900‘, ‘The Art of Guido Cagnacci‘ (Salomon),
Italian, Spanish and French Paintings: In the Ringling Museum of Art‘ (Brilliant), ‘The Barber Institute of Fine Arts‘ (Verdi et al), ‘Constable and Brighton: Something Out of Nothing‘ (Lancaster), ‘Guernica‘ (Attlee).


Recent indexes include ‘Inside Russian Politics‘(Bacon), ‘Foreign Policy in Post-Apartheid South Africa‘ (Adebajo and Virk), ‘Rebel: The Treacherous Path‘ (Yakunin), ‘Greece in Crisis‘ (Tziovas), ‘Inside Russian Politics‘ (Bacon), ‘Jimmy Reid: A Scottish Political Journey‘ (MacAskill), ‘The Good Friday Agreement‘ (Fenton)


Lifelong interest. Recent indexes include ‘Welcome to Hell?: In Search of the Real Turkish Football
‘ (McManus), ‘Inverting the Pyramid: The History of Football Tactics‘ (Wilson), ‘White Hart Lane: The Spurs Glory Years‘ (Lipton)

Cultural Studies

Recent indexes include ‘Saturday Night at the Movies‘ (Nelson), ‘Styling South Asian Youth Cultures‘ (Dasgupta et al), ‘Design and National Identity‘ (Gimeno-Martínez), ‘Encounters Beyond the Gallery‘ (Dohmen), ‘The Husband Hunters‘ (de Courcy), ‘Greece in Crisis‘ (Tziovas), ‘The Colour of Time‘ (Jones and Amaral), ‘Being Young, Male and Muslim in Luton‘ (Hoque).


Lifelong interest of mine. Recent indexes include ‘Crystal Gridwork‘ (Fogg), ‘Hoop Dreams‘(Morgan), ‘The Art of Leather Braiding‘ (Luo & Tong).


Recent indexes include ‘Signals‘(Malmgren), ‘Europe’s Relations with North Africa‘ (Yousef), ‘Greece in Crisis‘ (Tziovas).

British History

Recent indexes include ‘Hadrian’s Wall‘(Goldsworthy), ‘Science City‘ (Rose and Desborough), ‘Stonehenge‘(Pryor), ‘Agent Jack‘(Hutton), ‘Glasgow 1919‘(MacAskill).

European History

Recent indexes include ‘City of Light‘(Christiansen), ‘The Medici‘(Hollingsworth), ‘Caesar’s Footprints‘(Omrani), ‘Francis I‘(Frieda), ‘Versailles‘(Jones).

Social History

A particular passion of mine. Recent indexes include ‘Good Clean Fun‘ (Drower), ‘The Husband Hunters‘ (de Courcy), ‘The Colour of Time ‘ (Amaral & Jones).

Mental Health

A very important subject in today’s society. Recent idexes include ‘Proactive Parenting‘ (Saligari), ‘CAT and the Politics of Mental health‘ (Lloyd & Pollard), ‘Mental‘(Ellen and Deveny)

Other skills

Business background including proofreading/copy-editing leaflets and reports. Recent work includes 'Italian, Spanish and French Paintings: In the Ringling Museum of Art' (Brilliant) and 'The Barber Institute of Fine Arts' (Verdi et al).

Recent indexes include

Jennifer Nelson, Saturday Night at the Movies , Elliott & Thompson, 2018
John McManus, Welcome to Hell: In Search of the Real Turkish Football, Weidenfeld & Nicholson, 2018
J. Simon Rofe, Sport and Diplomacy: Games within Games , Manchester University Press, 2018

Clients Include

Bloomsbury Academic
Cambridge Academic
Elliott & Thompson
Head of Zeus
I B Tauris
Quarto Publishing
UCL Publishing
Weidenfeld & Nicholson
plus individual authors and small publishing houses

Special Publication Type

Biographies/ Autobiographies

Recent indexes include ‘Under Cover‘ (Robson), ‘The Favourite‘ (Field), ‘Breaking News: An Autobiography‘ (Thompson), ‘A Reluctant Memoir ‘ (Ballagh), ‘Who’s In, Who’s Out‘(Rose), ‘Sultan of Swing‘ (Crick)

Diaries And Letters

Recent indexes include ‘Discourses of Mens Suicide Notes‘(Galasinski), ‘Jane Austen: The Chawton Letters‘ (Sutherland).


I have indexed several publications to accompany museum exhibitions including ‘Italian, Spanish and French Paintings: In the Ringling Museum of Art‘ (Brilliant), ‘Constable and Brighton: Something Out of Nothing‘ (Lancaster), ‘Mathematics’ (Rooney), ‘Robots‘ (Russell), ‘Science City‘ (Rose and Desborough).