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General Experience

I work mostly on books about archaeology and history, and on memoirs and general academic books, and I am happy to consider other subject areas and types of books, including cookery. Editors, authors and providers of publishing services are among my clients, as well as traditional publishers and self-publishing authors. I studied archaeology at undergraduate and post-graduate levels, worked as an archaeological project manager and finds supervisor, and attained the Associate grade (AIFA) membership of the Institute for Archaeologists. I have also worked in the areas of domestic energy efficiency policy and testing and trialling consumer products for Which? magazine.

I am available all year, including over the summer and other school holidays.

You can follow me on Twitter @icemaiden1964 and my website includes more information about the books I have indexed.




Ex-professional field archaeologist, AIFA, with project management and finds expertise.

Publishers of books I have indexed include: Cambridge University McDonald Institute, East Anglian Archaeology, Equinox, Historic England, Oxbow, The Prehistoric Society, Sidestone, Society for Medieval Archaeology, and Thames & Hudson.

Book types include academic studies, excavation reports and collections of papers, and covered a range of locations and periods from neolithic Stonehenge and Beaker people in Britain, via medieval Europe to Jordan and Orkney.

Art and Design

The contemporary art scene has featured in a number of titles I have indexed. They include a consideration of contemporary theory, practice and instruction, art exhibited at the Freud Museums and what happens when artists don’t use their real names.

Recently I have stepped back in time a little to work a couple of books on Bauhaus artists and craftspeople , and some of the more irrational and unconventional aspects.

British History

I have indexed a range of academic and general interest books including subjects as diverse as country house libraries, race horses, WWI – Americans serving in British forces, bicycles, Friends’ Ambulances, and railwaymen. Books have included Churchill’s role in the creation of a united Europe and the role of the British in German education after World War II.

Cookery Books

A keen home baker who also enjoys indexing cookery books. Indexes include Deep South by Brad McDonald and Tanya Bakes by Tanya Burr.

European History

I have indexed a number of works in English about the history of Spain and Spanish speaking countries. Subjects included the failure of the Spanish Republic, rebuilding of Islam in contemporary Spain, and British Intelligence in Spain during WWII.

Landscape Architecture

I indexed an illustrated book during the tercentenary year for Capability Brown. In 2017 I indexed the memoir of landscape architect Hal Moggridge.

Literature and Poetry In English

Not having been put off by English Literature A level, I still read a range of modern and historic literature and other fiction. I have indexed books about themes of Thomas Hardy and female performers in British and American Fiction.

Local History

Local organisations and groups I have worked with include Ramsbury in Wiltshire and Beaulieu in Hampshire.


At the end of 2018 I was happy to revisit some of the music of my younger days indexing a book about the Northern Soul scene.

Related qualifications

BA (Hons) History with Associated Archaeology, King Alfred's College, Winchester
MPhil European Archaeology, Oxford University

Recent indexes include

Andrews, Phil, et al., A Prehistoric Burial Mound and Anglo-Saxon Cemetery at Barrow Clump, Salisbury Plain, Wiltshire: English Heritage and Operation Nightingale excavations 2003-14 , Wessex Archaeology
Baker, Nigel, Pat Hughes and Richard K. Morriss, Houses of Hereford 1200- 1700, Oxbow
Evans, Christopher, Sam Lucy and Ricky Patten, Riversides: Neolithic Barrows, a Beaker Grave, Iron Age and Anglo Saxon Burials and Settlement at Trumpington, Cambridge, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
Gloyn, Liz, Tracking Classical Monsters in Popular Culture, Bloomsbury Academic
Hewitt, Simon, Leonardo da Vinci and the Book of Doom, Unicorn
Lack, David, Swifts in a Tower, Unicorn
Manley, John, ed., Secrets of the High Woods, South Downs National Park Authority
Otto, Elizabeth, Haunted Bauhaus, MIT Press
Parker Pearson, Mike et al, The Beaker People: Isotopes, Mobility and Diet in Prehistoric Britain, Prehistoric Society
Persson, Per et al., The Ecology of Early Settlement in Northern Europe: Conditions for Subsistence and Survival, Equinox

Clients Include

In 2019-2020 I have worked on books published by:
Bloomsbury Academic
British Museum Research Publications
Historic England
I B Tauris
Icon Books
McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
MIT Press
Prehistoric Society
Royal Collection Trust
Society for Medieval Archaeology
Thames & Hudson
Unicorn Press
Uniform Press
University of Michigan Press
Wessex Archaeology

Special Publication Type

Biographies/ Autobiographies

I have indexed several books of biography, family history and memoirs including:
Beatrix Potter’s Secret Code Breaker by Andrew Wiltshire, about Leslie Linder who broke the code in Beatrix’s diaries.
A Bradford Pal by John Broadhead, using his father’s diary and other sources
Fresca: A life in the making by Helen Southworth, a biography of Francesca Allinson;
The Man Who Wasn’t There: A Life of Ernest Hemmingway by Richard Bradford, which looks at how Hemingway erased his own existence through a lifetime of invention and delusion;
Painter of Pedigree by Lawrence Trevelyan Weaver, a biography of family member and artist, Thomas Weaver;
Practice Matters by Andrew Willis, a memoir of a GP and the growth of General Practice, and
Slow Growth by Hal Moggridge, a memoir of a landscape architect.
William Simmonds: The Silent Heart of the Arts and Crafts Movement by Jessica Douglas-Home


During 2017 I indexed a book to accompany an exhibition of ceramics, which included essays and catalogue descriptions of the works: Things of Beauty Growing: British Studio Pottery by Martina Droth, Glenn Adamson and Simon Olding, published by Yale University Press.