Margaret Christie


Membership Grade: Fellow

Contact Info

Phone: 0131 657 4017
Mobile: 07443 492943

General Experience

I am a specialist in classical and traditional music and musicology, and in feminist politics and non-sexist language. I have over 30 years’ experience as a qualified indexer working on academic books, textbooks and general trade books. I find combining proofreading and indexing particularly effective. I welcome short projects, for which I can usually offer fast turnaround.



Specialist (mediaeval to contemporary classical and traditional) and general music-related texts. Degree in music.

Literature and Poetry In English

I have indexed books on poetry and plays.

Cookery Books

Experienced indexer of cookery books and related material.

Philosophy (All Areas)

I have indexed general and quirky philosophy texts.

-Social Sciences

Many social science books indexed, mainly for Edinburgh University Press and Taylor and Francis.

-Wellbeing, Self-Help and Personal Development

I have indexed many Mind/Body/Spirit-related books, mainly for Duncan Baird Publishers.

Food and Drink

Experienced indexer of cookery books and related material.


I have indexed specialist and general books on Christian theology and related areas.

-Business, Finance and Management

Many indexes to business-related books, mainly for Pearson Education.

Related qualifications

BA (Hons) in Music
Professional Member of the Society for Editors and Proofreaders

Other skills

Extensive proofreading experience including academic books and business publications.

Extensive copy-editing experience mainly in the fields of music and business/finance.

Music (Editing And Proofreading)
I have copy-edited and proofread many books about music and a few songbooks.

Recent indexes include

Martin Hillman, Thomas Sanderson’s account of incidents: The Edinburgh Musical Society 1727–1801 and its impact on the city
Gerry Cambridge, The Dark Horse: The making of a little magazine & sundry divagations on poets, poetry, criticism & poetry culture
Richard Murphy, The joy of tax: how a fair tax system can create a better society
Derren Brown, Happy: Why more or less everything is absolutely fine
Martin Morales, Andina: The heart of Peruvian food: Recipes and stories from the Andes

Clients Include

Transworld Publishers, HappenStance Press

Special Publication Type


Many textbooks indexed, mainly for Pearson Education.


Word, Sibelius