Linda Sutherland, MA, DipLib

Location: SHETLAND

Membership Grade: Professional Member

Contact Info

Phone: 01595 820254

General Experience

Dependable, versatile (and “a delight to work with”, according to the editors of ‘An Orkney Anthology: Volume Two’). Can handle most subjects at non-specialist level. Main fields of interest include:

the construction industry (following 18 years’ work in libraries serving construction professionals);

information retrieval tools and techniques (I’m a qualified librarian);

literature (English, Scottish, and Scandinavian);

the languages, history and culture of Scandinavia (Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland) and their interaction with those
of Scotland – especially, but not exclusively, the Viking period and its legacy of Norse influence on Scottish history and culture. (My qualifications include a degree in Swedish Studies; the interest in history is at amateur level.)

Experience includes indexing of directories, document collections, manuals, biographies, loose-leaf publications, journals, and HTML-coded material for web pages and web sites. I have some knowledge of embedded indexing of other materials for
publication in electronic formats.


British History

Scottish history especially, but not exclusively.

European History

Scandinavian history generally, the Viking/Norse period is a special interest.

Medieval History

Viking/Norse history particularly.











Literature and Poetry In English


English Literature


Literature and Poetry In Foreign Languages