Linda Haylock, MSc

Location: Cheshire

Membership Grade: Advanced Professional Member

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An Advanced Member of the Society of Indexers, I have worked as a full-time freelance indexer since 2009. A graduate in Library and Information Studies (BA) and in Information Science (MSc), I worked as a Business Information Specialist before taking up Indexing as a career. I have experience of indexing a wide variety of subjects with my specialisms covering the Social Sciences as well as Business Management, Finance and Economics. I am available at short notice, all year round, depending on workload. Large or small projects accepted.



A whole range of titles for Edward Elgar such as Minsky’s Moment: An Insider’s View on the Economics of Hyman Minsky, Banks and Finance in Modern Macroeconomics, and Smart, Sustainable and Inclusive Growth.


One of my main interests, I have recently completed a course on Greek Mythology with Oxford University Continuing Education Department.

Texts I have indexed in this arena include Drama Therapy with Myth and Fairytale and Chasing the Phantom: in Pursuit of Myth and Meaning.

Human Resources

Under the banner of Business Management I have indexed a wide variety of books on this subject including the titles Teaching Human Resource Management, Handbook of Research on the Psychological Contract at Work and Case Studies on Work, Employment and HRM.

Natural History

My main passion in life! Where do I start? I have hundreds of books on animals – domestic and wild; wild flowers, plantlife and birds. I am a keen bird-watcher and belong to two bird watching groups (but I’m not a twitcher – twitching and indexing don’t mix!). I have kept a variety of pets since childhood – currently I have two beloved cats and a cornsnake and I am a former hobby cat breeder and volunteer cat fosterer.

Past courses include Mammal Ecology and Conservation with the University of Exeter and Animal Behaviour with Oxford University Continuing Education Department.


A range of titles including Handbook of Healthcare Management, Brilliant Agile Project Management and
Key Management Development Models.


I have worked on a number of financial texts, either from a pure finance perspective or a policy perspective. Tiles include Local Accountability and National Coordination in Fiscal Federalism, Banks and Finance in Modern Macroeconomics and Behavioural Finance Revolution.

International Relations

I have worked on numerous texts on this subject. Titles include International Comparative Employee Relations, Economic Security and Sino-American Relations, Handbook of US-China Relations and Japan’s Arduous Rejuvenation in a Global Age.

European Union

Although the EU is a sub-theme within many of the books I have indexed, here are a few solely about the EU: European Union: Facing the Challenge of Multiple Security Threats and Democratic Empowerment in the European Union.

Social Policy

I have indexed too many to mention all of them, but here are just a selection: Social Policy in Middle East and North Africa, Handbook on Science and Public Policy and Environmental Policy, Sustainability and Welfare.


Given the recent political ‘situation’ within the UK I have (like many people, I’m sure) developed more of an interest in Politics, and would like to index more texts in this subject. Political books indexed so far include Handbook of Territorial Politics and Political Economy of International Finance in an Age of Inequality.

Complementary and Alternative Medicine

I have indexed many books on complementary and alternative medicine, mostly for Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Titles include Contemporary French Aromatherapy: Pharmacological and Therapeutic Guide to 100 Essential Oils, Acupuncture for Babies, Children and Teenagers, and Nourishing Life the Yang Sheng Way.


Here is one example of a self-help book I have indexed – Building Reasoning and Problem-Solving Skills.


One example of a book on wellbeing is Playful Awakening: releasing the gift of play in your life.


Titles include Yoga Therapy for Fear and Yoga Student Handbook.


Books on this subject include Footsteps into the Light, Christian Ashrams, Hindu Caves, and Sacred Rivers and Zen Wisdom for Christians.

Gender Studies

I have indexed an increasing number of books on this topic including: Gender Diversity and Non-Binary Inclusion in the Workplace, Transgender Employees in the Workplace and Life Isn’t Binary.


Titles include Handbook of Education in China, Handbook on the Politics of Higher Education, and Teacher’s Guide to Resolving School Bullying.

Popular Medicine (Works Intended For Lay Readers)

I have indexed many such titles, particularly for Jessica Kingsley Publishers. Subjects include Autism, e.g. Autism, Ethnicity and Culture, Dementia, e.g. Promoting Resilience in Dementia Care and others such as Combining Touch and Relaxation Skills for Cancer Care and Parents’ Guide to PANDAS, PANS and Related Neuroimmune Disorders.

-Social Sciences

Other recent titles that fall within Social Sciences and that haven’t been mentioned above include Optimal Monetary Policy under Uncertainty, Handbook on Global Value Chains, Handbook on Green Growth and Supporting Birth Parents Whose Children Have Been Adopted.

Related qualifications

BA(Hons) Librarianship
MSc Information Science

Other skills

Local History articles for Parkgate Society

Recent indexes include

Wakefield, M.E. & Michelangelo, Vibrational Acupuncture, Jessica Kingsley, September, 2019
Link, A.N. & Oliver, Z.T., Technology Transfer and US Public Sector Innovation, Edward Elgar, October, 2019

Clients Include

Jessica Kingsley Publishers, Edward Elgar Publishing Ltd, BBC, Palgrave Macmillan, Pearson Education, Markosia Enterprises, Troubador and individual authors.