Kate McIntosh, MA


Membership Grade: Advanced Professional Member

Contact Info

Phone: 01770850277
Mobile: 07896401955
Email: KMPublishingServices@yahoo.co.uk

General Experience

I am a qualified law librarian and after 8 years working in law firms in London and Edinburgh began freelance indexing, abstracting, editing and proofreading for companies and individuals.

I index academic and general interest books and journals in a wide range of subjects, including: UK, EU and international law; history; government and politics; and social sciences.  I have also indexed books on religious history; arts and crafts; photography; travel; cinema and film; and ethics.

I have experience creating traditional and embedded indexes using Index Manager.

I am available all year and am used to working with publishing houses and agencies as well as directly with authors. If I have availability I am happy to take on projects at short notice.


Law (All Areas)

I index books and journals on a variety of topics, including: charities law, company law, competition law, contract law, criminal law, employment law, environmental law, equality law, equity, EU law, family law, housing law, human rights law, immigration law, international law, land law, landlord and tenant, law and ethics, legal history, personal injury, planning law, popular law, private international law, public international law, shipping law, tort law, transport law and trusts.
Indexes include:
The Law of Contract Damages, Adam Kramer, Hart Publishing, 2017
Inquiries into Fatal Accidents and Sudden Deaths etc. (Scotland) Act 2016 (Annotated Act), Robert Shiels, W Green, 2017
Gas and LNG Sales and Transportation Agreements (5th Ed), Peter Roberts, Sweet and Maxwell, 2017
International Perspectives on the Regulation of Lawyers and Legal Services, Andrew Boon (ed), Hart Publishing, 2017
Hollington on Shareholders’ Rights, Sweet and Maxwell, 2017
Lindley and Banks on Partnerships, Sweet and Maxwell, 2017
Redefining Organised Crime: A Challenge for the European Union?, Carnevale, Forlati & Giolo (eds), Hart Publishing 2017
Structural Principles in EU External Relations Law, Cremona (ed), Hart Publishing 2017
Gender Equality in Law: Uncovering the Legacies of Czech State Socialism, Barbara Havelková, Hart Publishing, 2017
European Contract Law and the Charter of Fundamental Rights, Collins (ed), Intersentia, 2017
Mental Health Act Manual 16th, 17th, 18th, 19th and 20th Eds, Sweet and Maxwell, 2013-17
The Nature and Enforcement of Choice of Court Agreements: A Comparative Study, Mukarrum Ahmed, Hart Publishing, 2017
Colinvaux’s Law of Insurance, 9th, 10th and 11th Editions, Sweet and Maxwell, (2013, 2014, 2016)
Contract Law of the Internal Market, Stephen Weatherill, Intersentia, 2016
EU Environmental Law, Geert Van Calster & Leonie Reins, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2016
EU Banking and Insurance Insolvency (2nd Ed), Moss, Wessels & Haentjens (eds), Oxford University Press, 2016
Revisiting the Concept of Defence in the Jus ad Bellum: The Dual Face of Defence, Johanna Friman, Hart Publishing, 2016
Fundamental Rights in the EU, Morano-Foadi & Vickers (eds), Hart Publishing, 2015
The Constitution of the United States of America: A Contextual Analysis (2nd ed), Mark Tushnet, Hart Publishing, 2015
Informal Justice in England and Wales 1760–1914: The Courts of Popular Opinion, Steve Banks, Boydell Press, 2014

Social Policy

I have experience indexing books in many fields of social policy, including: rights and obligations, retirement and pensions, employment, housing, LGBT studies, and social work.
Indexes include:
Theorizing Digital Divides, Ragnedda & Muschert (eds), Taylor and Francis, 2017
Retiring to Spain: Women’s narratives of nostalgia, belonging and community, Anya Ahmed, Policy Press, 2015
Time on Our Side: Why we all need a shorter working week, Coote & Franklin (eds), New Economics Foundation, 2013
Gender Politics and Transitional Justice, Catherine O’Rourke, Taylor and Francis, 2013


I have indexed books on economics, economic policy, finance and monetary policy. Books include: The Routledge Companion to Critical Accounting, Roslender (ed), Taylor and Francis, 2017

History (All Areas)

I index history books and have experience indexing books about a variety of periods and aspects of life.
Indexes include:
The Causes of War – Volume III: 1400 CE to 1650 CE, Alexander Gillespie, Hart Publishing, 2017
Revisiting the Concept of Defence in the Jus ad Bellum: The Dual Face of Defence, Johanna Friman, Hart Publishing, 2016
Nurse Writers of the Great War, Christine Hallett, Manchester University Press, 2015
Britain since 1688: A Nation in the World, Stephanie Barczewski, John Eglin, Stephen Heathorn, Michael Silvestri and Michelle Tusan, Taylor and Francis, 2014
Dissident Writings of Arab Women: Voices Against Violence, Brinda J. Mehta, Taylor and Francis, 2013
Postcolonialism and Islam: Theory, literature, culture, society and film, Nash, Kerr-Koch and Hackett (eds), Taylor and Francis, 2013
Religion, Politics and Society in Britain: 800–1066, A.E. Redgate, Taylor and Francis, 2013
The City in the Muslim World: Depictions by Western Travel Writers, Mohammad Gharipour & Nilay Özlü (eds), Taylor and Francis, 2013
The Secret Anglo-French War in the Middle East: Intelligence and Decolonization, 1940-1948, Meir Zamir, Taylor and Francis, 2013


Indexes include:
Ethical Business Practice and Regulation: A Behavioural and Values-Based Approach to Compliance and Enforcement, Christopher Hodges & Ruth Steinholtz, Hart Publishing, 2017
Time on Our Side: Why we all need a shorter working week, Coote & Franklin (eds), New Economics Foundation, 2013


Indexes include: Collaboration through Craft, Amanda Ravetz, Alice Kettle & Helen Felcey, Bloomsbury Academic, 2013

Cinema and Film

Indexes include: The Death Penalty in American Cinema: Criminality and Retribution in Hollywood Film, Yvonne Kozlovsky-Golan, IB Tauris, 2015

Related qualifications

MA Library and Information Management

Other skills

Embedded Indexing
I have experience creating embedded indexes with Index Manager.

Over 10 years experience proofreading (law, social policy, popular law, legal history, art and design, and child health).

10 years experience abstracting in the fields of law and social policy (including local government, housing, public health).

Recent indexes include

Shiels, Inquiries into Fatal Accidents and Sudden Deaths etc. (Scotland) Act 2016 (Annotated Act), W. Green, 2017
Reynolds & Dowding, Dilapidations: The Modern Law and Practice (6th Edition), Sweet and Maxwell, 2017
Randall, Koshan & Nyaundi (eds), The Right to Say No:
Marital Rape and Law Reform in Canada, Ghana, Kenya and Malawi
, Hart Publishing, 2017
Collins (ed), European Contract Law and the Charter of Fundamental Rights, Intersentia, 2017
Roslender (ed), The Routledge Companion to Critical Accounting, Taylor and Francis, 2017

Clients Include

Clients include: Hart Publishing; Sweet and Maxwell; W Green; Intersentia; Taylor and Francis; Oxford University Press; Avizandum; Edward Elgar Publishing. I also regularly work directly with authors.

Special Publication Type

Journals (Learned And Professional)

Company Lawyer, Sweet and Maxwell
Construction Law Journal, Sweet and Maxwell
Entertainment Law Review, Sweet and Maxwell
European Commercial Cases, Sweet and Maxwell
European Competition Law Review, Sweet and Maxwell
European Intellectual Property Review, Sweet and Maxwell
Fleet Street Reports, Sweet and Maxwell
Global Competition Litigation Review, Sweet and Maxwell
International Litigation Procedure, Sweet and Maxwell
International Trade Law & Regulation, Sweet and Maxwell
Journal of Housing Law, Sweet and Maxwell
Journal of Social Security Law, Sweet and Maxwell
Private Client Business, Sweet and Maxwell


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