Judith Reading


Membership Grade: Fellow

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Phone: 0114 236 5340
Mobile: 07986 077556
Email: judithreading@outlook.com
Website: http://www.judithreading.co.uk/indexing

General Experience

I have been indexing for 30 years now. I have a BSc. degree from Exeter University in Biology (with Psychology), and an MSc. from Sheffield University in Information Science. I qualified as a Fellow of the Society of Indexers in 2004. My specialisms are mainly life sciences-based, including medical and veterinary indexing, botany, zoology, ecology, biochemistry, conservation etc.  and I am passionately interested in these subjects.

I also work in the field of academic psychology, this fascinating discipline ranging over aspects of psychotherapy, education, medicine and neuroscience.

My MSc. and experience as a professional librarian also qualify me for librarianship and information science-based titles .

Over the years I have also been asked to work on titles in the fields of general science, social sciences, economics, human geography, education and other wide-ranging topics, including shamanism! I find that these subjects make a change from my mainstream work and this wide-ranging experience has enabled me to tackle most subjects competently.

Hobbies and interests are music (especially folk/traditional music) and bellringing. Indexing deadlines are always met.



Grade 8 flute, playing and singing in folk groups such as Sheffield Folk Chorale, a women’s folk singing quartet, and an instrumental chamber folk group. In the past I have sung with various classical choirs, and also play the fiddle.

Recent index example: A Developing Discourse in Music Education (Swanwick, Routledge)


BSc. honours degree plus work experience in the Unit of Comparative Plant Ecology, Sheffield University.

I love the subject and have indexed hundreds of biological science titles over my working career.

Recent index examples: (i) Brown Trout – Biology, Ecology and Management (Lobon-Cervia, Wiley Blackwell), (ii) Sociobiology of Caviomorph Rodents (Ebensperger and Hayes, Wiley Blackwell)


BSc. honours degree plus work experience in the Unit of Comparative Plant Ecology, Sheffield University, I used my library-based training to assist in the research which went into Comparative Plant Ecology (Grime et. al, Unwin- Hyman) and was asked to write the index – my initial introduction to indexing.

I love the subject and spend time outdoors identifying (and growing) wildflowers as well as having an academic interest.


BSc. honours degree plus work experience in the Unit of Comparative Plant Ecology, Sheffield University.

My degree was heavily ecology-based, studying contemporary models of ecosystem processes.

Recent index examples: (i) Brown Trout – Biology, Ecology and Management (Lobon-Cervia, Wiley), (ii) Ecology of High Altitude Waters (Jacobsen, OUP), (iii) Escaping from Predators (Cooper and Blumstein, CUP)

Geography - Physical

A level qualification.

Recent index example: Changing Physical Environments (AS Student Guide, Philip Allan Updates)

Molecular/Cellular Biology

BSc. Hons Biology degree.

Recent index examples: (i) Biomarkers for Traumatic Brain Injury (Dambinova et. al, Royal Society of Chemistry), (ii) Stem Calls in Reproductive Medicine (Simon et. al., CUP), (iii) Principles of Stem Cell Biology and Cancer (Regad et. al, Wiley Blackwell), (iv) Nutrigenomics and Proteomics in Health and Disease (Kussman and Stover, Wiley), (v) Bioprocessing for Cell-based Therapies (Connon, Wiley)

Earth Sciences

Recent index example: Changing Physical Environments (AS Student Guide, Philip Allan Updates)


BSc. Hons Biology degree

Recent index examples: (i) The Animal Mind (Andrews, Routledge), (ii) Zoo Animals. Behaviour, Management and Welfare (Hosey et al. OUP), (iii) Animal Communication Theory (Stegmann, CUP)


Recent index examples: (i) Agro-Ecological Intensification of Agricultural Systems in the African Highlands (Vanlauwe, Routledge), (ii) Advances in Tea Agronomy (Carr, CUP)

Medicine and Health (All Areas)

I am fascinated by medicine, read avidly on the subject and have indexed dozens of titles.

Recent index examples: (i) Case Studies in Neurological Infection (Soloman, CUP), (ii) Treatment of Dystonia (Dressler et. al., CUP), (iii) Pfizer Yearbook of Paediatric Endocrinology (Ong and Hochberg, Haymarket), (iv) Public Health and Epidemiology at a Glance (Somerville et. al., Wiley)

Veterinary Science

My life-long love of animals and keeping of horses, hens and cats has combined with my academic interest in medical sciences to make veterinary indexing very attractive to me.

Recent index examples: (i) BSAVA Manual of Canine and Feline Anaesthesia and Analgaesia (British Small Animal Veterinary Association), (ii) BSAVA Manual of Wildlife Casualties (British Small Animal Veterinary Association)

Sports Medicine/Science

Recent index example: Sport Psychology (LeUnes, Psychology Press)


I studies psychology as an ancilliary subject at university and have found it fasinating, indexing dozens of titles over the years.

Recent index examples: (i) Treating Dissociative and Personality Disorders (Ivaldi, Routledge), (ii) Clinical Psychology for Trainees (Page and Stritzke, CUP), (iii) A Student Guide to Developmental Psychology (Harris and Westerman, Psychology Press), (iv) Assessing Psychosis (Kleiger and Khadivi, Taylor & Francis)


Recent index examples: (i) Pharmacology for Chemists (Hill et. al. Royal Society of Chemistry), (ii) The Chemical Story of Olive Oil (Blatchly, Royal Society of Chemistry), (iii) Poisons and Poisoning (Hargreaves, Royal Society of Chemistry), (iv) Smart Materials for Drug Delivery (Alverez-Lorenzo and Concheiro, Royal Society of Chemistry)


BSc. Hons Biology degree

Recent index example: Quantitative Microbiology in Food Processing (de Souza, Wiley Blackwell)

Information Management

Msc. in Information Science

Recent index examples: (i) Libraries of Light, (Black, Routledge), (ii) The New University Library (Connor, American Library Association)

Related qualifications

MSc. Library and Information Science

Other skills

Recent indexes include

Hill, R. et. al, Pharmacology for Chemists, Royal Society of Chemistry, 2018
Stanghellini, G. and Mancini, M., The Therapeutic Interview in Mental Health, Cambridge University Press, 2017
Soloman, T. et. al., Case Studies in Neurological Infection, Cambridge University Press, 2018
Foster, J., Post-sustainability: Tragedy and Transformation, Taylor & Francis, 2018
Dressler, D., Treatment of Dystonia, Cambridge University Press, 2017
Lobon-Cervia, J. and Sanz, N., Brown Trout: Biology, Ecology and Management, Wiley Blackwell, 2017
Milne, R. G., Civic Engagement, Routledge, 2018
Barnett, S. R. and Neves, S. E., Perioperative Care of the Elder Patient, Cambridge University Press, 2017
British Small Animal Veterinary Association, BSAVA Manual of Wildlife Casualties. , British Small Animal Veterinary Association, 2017
Iliopoulos, J., The Origin of Mass, Oxford University Press, 2017

Clients Include

Royal Society of Chemistry, Cambridge University Press, Oxford University Press, Wiley Blackwell, Taylor & Francis, British Small Animal Veterinary Association, Bloomsbury

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