Joanna Penning

Location: Telford

Membership Grade: Advanced Professional Member

Contact Info

Mobile: 07940000305

General Experience

An Accredited Indexer since March 2015, I have experience indexing academic, multi-authored, trade and school books. A wide range of subjects are covered, reflecting my interests and background. I am available for indexing throughout the year, often including holiday periods, and can usually accommodate work at short notice.


Cultural Studies

As an area of great interest to me, indexes have been completed in subjects such as Irish ethnomusicology, the experience of Muslims in Scotland, literature in medieval Islamic empires, Gaelic education in Scotland, and cross-cultural studies of bereavement/consolation practices.

British History

Indexes have been completed on the subjects of popular politics in 18th century Britain, the experiences of Muslims in Scotland, and on many GCSE/school topics.

Cinema and Film

Indexes have included: Aesthetics, Ethics and Trauma in the Cinema of Pedro Almodovar (Gutierrez-Albilla), Indefinite Visions (Beugnet et al), Hollywood and the Great Depression (Morgan & Davies), Indian Documentary Film and Filmmakers (Kishore), and Postfeminist Whiteness (Marston).

Art History

I have completed a number of indexes in this specialism; for example, on ancient Greek art and sculpture. A film art book indexed was Indefinite Visions (Beugnet et al).

Early Years/Primary Education

I have worked in educational settings, as a professional and volunteer and would welcome commissions in this subject.

Special Needs Education

I have previous experience of this field, having worked as a professional Speech Therapist for a number of years, in health and educational settings. I would welcome index commissions in this subject.

Cookery Books

Cooking and food are particular interests of mine, and I am keen to develop indexing experience in this subject area.

Linguistics - Descriptive and Theoretical

English for Specific Purposes and genre was a book subject indexed recently. Linguistics, phonetics and phonology were major specialisms in my degree, and remain areas of interest and some expertise.

Linguistics - Applied

I recently completed an index to a book about genre and English for specific purposes. Linguistics, phonetics and phonology were major specialisms in my degree and remain areas of interest and some expertise.


Recent indexes completed on subjects such as popular politics in 18th century Britain, global ethics, political theology, Japanese politics, the Arab Spring and neoliberalism.

History (All Areas)

Many GCSE history books have been indexed. Academic book indexes have included: The Gulf in World History (Fromherz) and Medieval Empires and the Culture of Competition (England). Books indexed for the general reader have included Tudor Women (Norton).

Modern History

Many school GCSE topics have been indexed. Generalist and academic books indexed include subjects such as Tudor women, and America/Hollywood in the Great Depression.

Learning Disabilities

An area I have previous experience of as a Speech and Language Therapist, and a subject in which I would value more indexing experience.

Religious History

Medieval Islam and early modern Christianity are subjects indexed; also, political theology. A recent book indexed was on the subject of religion in the public sphere.

Social Sciences (All Areas)

I have completed many book indexes in this subject field, covering academic, school/study, and general readership publications.


Two recent indexes on psychoanalysis. Particular interests/areas of some expertise include autism, psycholinguistics, counselling and psychotherapy.

Child Development

I have worked professionally in community/primary healthcare and education. (Also, as a parent, I have ‘frontline’ experience.) I am keen to develop indexing experience in this area.


Recent indexes on subjects such as medieval Islam; religious reform in early modern England; religion in the private/public spheres.

English Literature

A subject of great interest to me and one in which I would like to develop further indexing experience.

Gender Studies

This has been a theme in various books indexed, including a number of books on film/media studies, such as Postfeminist Whiteness (Marston). Also, Tudor Women (Norton) was indexed relatively recently.

Related qualifications

BSc PGCE MSocInd(Adv)

Other skills

Recent indexes include

Saul Haimovich, Freud’s Scientific Revolution, Free Association Books
Samuel England, Medieval Empires and the Culture of Competition , Edinburgh University Press
John O'Keefe, The Masses of Sean and Peadar O Riada, Cork University Press
Louis D. Hayes, Introduction to Japanese Politics, Routledge/Taylor & Francis
S. Kishore, Indian Documentary Film and Filmmakers, Edinburgh University Press
C. Jedan, A. Maddrell & E. Venbrux (eds), Consolationscapes in the Face of Loss, Routledge/Taylor & Francis
M.I. Kesrouany, Prophetic Translation The Making of Modern Egyptian Literature, Edinburgh University Press
Anders Hansen, Environment, Media and Communication, Routledge/Taylor & Francis

Clients Include

Cork University Press/Attic Press
Routledge/Taylor & Francis
Edinburgh University Press
Free Association Books
Geographical Association

Special Publication Type

School Books

A wide range of school books on the humanities and general science has been indexed.

Manuals And Handbooks

A secondary school teachers’ handbook for the Geographical Association was indexed quite recently.

Biographies/ Autobiographies

As a frequent reader of biography and autobiography, I am enthusiastic to develop experience indexing in this field.