Helen Peters, BA Hons

Location: PENRITH

Membership Grade: Advanced Professional Member

Contact Info

Phone: 01768 898944
Mobile: 07980 467540
Email: helenrpeters@yahoo.co.uk

General Experience

Freelance indexer since 1999. I hold a first class history degree from Manchester University. I am also a chartered librarian and have worked in public, academic and specialist libraries. I held the position of Librarian at the British Tourist Authority/English Tourist Board for five years. Recent indexes have included histories, biographies, diaries, letter collections, travel guides, politics, philosophy, music (popular and classical), cookery, health and fitness and children’s books. Other interests include languages and general reference works. Repagination undertaken on revised editions. Proofreading, cataloguing and classification also offered. Available all year.


History (All Areas)

As a history graduate I am always pleased to take on indexes in the field. My particular interests relate to British and European history in the medieval and early modern periods, but I also studied ancient history and am happy to venture into other periods and locations.


I have worked on several hundred travel guides for Dorling Kindersley, Rough Guides, Insights, Kuperard and Bradt. My time as Librarian for the British Tourist Authority/English Tourist Board has given me experience of the breadth of attractions of interest to tourists and what they will want to find in the index to a guide book.

Ancient History

I studied ancient history as part of my degree and have a particular interest in Roman history. I have worked on a number of children’s books covering ancient peoples and cultures. I have also indexed several volumes of the Encyclopaedia Iranica on the history, literature and religions of ancient Persia.

Medieval History

I studied medieval English and European history as part of my degree and have always been fascinated by this period. I am particularly interested in the later end of the middle ages, especially in Italy.

European History

My specialist subject at university was early modern Venice. I have indexed many books on European history, including titles on the First and Second World Wars and the Napoleonic Wars.

Modern History

I have experience of indexing titles covering the two World Wars, the Napoleonic Wars and the Sixties and have worked on numerous biographies and autobiographies from this period.

Genealogy/Family History

This is an area of personal interest as I have done much work on my own family history.

Art History

I have indexed several volumes on contemporary art in specific countries.


I have worked on several indexes to biographies/autobiographies of political figures. I have also recently indexed a book on the aristocracy and the House of Lords.


I have indexed several books on ballet and recently worked on books about musicals and Bollywood.

Food and Drink

I have indexed numerous cookery books over the years. Additionally I have worked on books about nutrition, diet and food science.


Classical music is a personal interest. I have worked on biographies of composers such as Rossini, indexed books on playing musical instruments like the recorder and the harmonica, and have also indexed books on cinema, musicals and Bollywood. In popular music I have worked on a series of books about musical trends in specific locations and on a book about the Beatles.

Nutrition and Food Science

I have compiled indexes to various books about nutrition and specialist diets. I have also worked on indexes about the food industry and the problems of modern methods of animal husbandry and crop management. I have indexed numerous cookery books.

Cookery Books

I have worked on numerous cookery books, both mainstream and those relating to diet and exercise programmes. I have also worked on books on wine and whisky and volumes on nutrition and food science.


Italian is a personal passion. I have travelled widely and speak reasonable Italian. I am always pleased to be able to index books on any aspect of the country and studied Italian history as a major part of my degree.

-Wellbeing, Self-Help and Personal Development

I have worked on a number of self-help books on overcoming conditions such as anxiety and stress and low self-esteem. In addition I have indexed various diet and exercise books.

Related qualifications

Diploma in Librarianship

Other skills

Cataloguing And Classification
I have many years experience of book cataloguing and classification from my work in libraries.

Bibliography Compilation
As a trained librarian I have had considerable experience in compiling and editing bibliographies.

Recent indexes include

Chris Bryant, Entitled, Transworld, 2017
Bollywood, Dorling Kindersley, 2017
How Food Works, Dorling Kindersley, 2017
Eyewitness travel guide: Poland, Dorling Kindersley, 2018

Clients Include

Dorling Kindersley, APA Publications, Bradt, Rough Guides, Pickering and Chatto, Macmillan, Kuperard, Transworld

Special Publication Type

Travel Guides

I have indexed several hundred travel guides including Dorling Kindersley Eyewitness and Top Ten guides, Insight Guides, Bradt Guides, Rough Guides and Kuperard Culture Smart guides.

Children's Books And Materials

I have worked on a long list of children’s titles for Dorling Kindersley covering a wide variety of subjects. These have ranged from very simple indexes for books for the 5-7 age-range to more complex indexes for the older reader.

Biographies/ Autobiographies

I have worked on a wide variety of biographies/autobiographies, mostly on historical and political figures but also on literary, artistic and musical subjects.


As a trained librarian I have had considerable experience in compiling and editing bibliographies.

Large Projects

I have undertaken a number of multi-volume projects for publishers such as Pickering and Chatto.