Geraldine Begley, BSc

Location: DONEGAL

Membership Grade: Advanced Professional Member

Contact Info

Phone: 00 353 74 972 3348
Mobile: 00 353 87 754 0671

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General Experience

I have been a full-time professional indexer since 2000 and I am an advanced member of the Society of Indexers. I have experience providing back-of-the-book indexes and journal indexes.

I am available all year round and at short notice, depending on other committments and work load. I accept small or large projects.




I studied chemistry for my primary degree and I have indexed many chemistry books.


I studied biology for my primary degree and I have indexed many biology books.


I studied mathematics for my primary degree and I have indexed some mathematics books.


I have a Higher Diploma in Education qualification and I have indexed books on education.


I completed a Higher Diploma in Science in Computing. I have indexed books on computing for a general readership and I would welcome more on computing and IT.

-Wellbeing, Self-Help and Personal Development





I have indexed many books on archaeology in Ireland.

Related qualifications

BSc in Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics
Higher Diploma in Education
Higher Diploma in Science in Computing
Graduate Certificate in Technical Writing

Other skills

I proofread articles for scientific journals. I am an intermediate-level member of the CIEP (formerly the SfEP).

I write abstracts for an engineering database.

I have completed a course on technical writing from the University of Limerick and am available for technical writing/editing.

Embedded Indexing
Embedded indexing in MS Word

Recent indexes include

Joelle Proust and Martin Fortier, Metacognitive Diversity, OUP, 2018
Liam Ashe and Kieran McCarthy, Geography Now! New Junior Cycle, EdCO, 2018
David Jacobson, Upsetting the Applecart. Tax-based industrial policy in Irealnd, Glasnevin Publishing, 2018
Mark Callanan, Local Government in the Republic of Ireland, IPA, 2018

Clients Include

Educational Company of Ireland
Institute of Public Administration
Irish Academic Press
Oxford University Press