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As an accredited indexer with the Society of Indexers and a member of the Deutsches Netzwerk der Indexer, I offer a professional indexing service to publishers and authors of publications in English and German. In addition to traditional indexing, I offer embedded indexing for the printed or e-book version of your publication.

I use Sky Index Professional software to produce an index that is customised to your requirements as well as WordEmbed, InDesign, XML Mind und epub for embedded indexes. Fees are based on the Society of Indexers’ recommended rates.



Social Sciences (All Areas)

Maria Bruselius-Jensen (ed.). Young People’s Participation: Revisiting Youth and Inequalities in Europe. Policy Press, 2021

Andrew Ryder (ed.). Romani Communities and Transformative Change. Policy Press, 2021

Shanthi Robertson. Temporality in Mobile Lives. Policy Press, 2021

Katrin Kriz. Protecting Children, Creating Citizens. Policy Press, 2020

Claudia Megele and Peter Buzzi. Social Media and Social Work. Bristol University Press, 2020

Philosophy (All Areas)

Monika Kaup. New Ecological Realisms. Edinburgh University Press, 2021

Charlotte Alderwick. Schelling’s Ontology of Powers. Edinburgh University Press, 2021

Helen De Cruz (ed). Philosophy through Science Fiction stories. Bloomsbury, 2021

Rochelle Tobias (ed). Hölderlin’s Philosophy of Nature. Edinburgh University Press, 2020

Theodore George. The Responsibility to Understand. Edinburgh University Press, 2020

Sarah Hickmott. Music, Philosophy and Gender in Nancy, Lacoue-Labarthe, Badiou. Edinburgh University Press, 2020

Thomas Nail. Lucretius II. Edinburgh University Press, 2020

Chiara Alfano. Derrida reads Shakespeare. Edinburgh University Press, 2020

Thomas Nail. Lucretius I. Edinburgh University Press, 2018


Jeremy Carpendale, Charlie Lewis and Ulrich Müller. The Development of Children’s Thinking. Sage Publishing, 2018

Colin Feltham, Terry Hanley and Laura Anne Winter. The SAGE handbook of counselling and psychotherapy. Sage Publishing, 2017

Martin J. Packer. Child Development. Sage Publishing, 2017

Sarah Corrie, Michael Townend and Adrian Cockx. Assessment and Case Formulation in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy. Sage Publishing, 2015


Sarah J. White and Desiree Tait (eds). Critical Care Nursing – the Humanised Approach. Sage Publishing, 2018

Ruth Taylor and Brian Webster-Henderson. The essentials of nursing leadership. Sage Publishing, 2016

J. Barker, P. Linsley and R. Kane. Evidence-based practice for nurses and health care professionals. Sage Publishing, 2016

Helen Kara. Foundations of adult nursing. Sage Publishing, 2015

German (Works About)

Jamie Rankin. Handbuch zur deutschen Grammatik. Cengage Learning, 2015

Richard A. Korb. German for reading knowledge. Cengage Learning, 2013

Related qualifications

Postgraduate Diploma in Housing Studies (Chartered Institute of Housing)
1st Class Honours BA in Modern European Studies (University College London)
Embedded Indexing and Indexing for Ebooks (UC Berkeley Extension Course)

Other skills

Embedded Indexing
Embedded Indexing and Indexing for Ebooks (UC Berkeley Extension Course)

Recent indexes include

R. Heynickx, R.C. Agarez and E. Couchez (eds.), Architecture Thinking across Boundaries, Bloomsbury, 2021
M. Anderson, P. Garratt and M. Sprevak (eds.) and Emee Vida Estacio, Distributed Cognition in Victorian Culture and Modernism, Edinburgh University Press, 2020
I. Thompson and G. Ivinson (eds.), Poverty in Education across the UK, Policy Press, 2020

Clients Include

Policy Press
Bristol University Press
Sage Publishing
Edinburgh University Press
Palgrave Macmillan

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