Dino Costi, BA

Location: WIRRAL

Membership Grade: Professional Member

Contact Info

Phone: 07948 417852
Email: dinocosti82@gmail.com

General Experience

I am a freelance indexer with years of experience in editing and marketing, as well as being a published novelist. I hold a degree in English Language and Literature, and have nurtured a further interest in the broad areas of history, culture and linguistics. I am available for projects all year round, and have indexed titles in a wide variety of genres (see the bottom of the page for a selection of recent titles).


English Literature

This was the subject of my BA degree and is an ongoing interest of mine.

Cinema and Film

I am currently studying for an MA in Documentary Film-making and am a keen fan of cinema.


I studied many dramas during the course of my English Literature degree, and have written stage-plays in my spare time.

Cultural Studies

My background as a student of literature, film and language has given me substantial knowledge in the broad field of contemporary culture.


I have been exploring this subject as part of my MA in Documentary Film-making.

Literature and Poetry In English

A subject of my BA degree. I am also myself a published author.

Personal Development

I have worked on texts which specialise in self-development in the business world as well as in everyday life.


This is a hobby of mine – I am knowledgable on both past and current professional football events.


This is a personal interest of mine, and I also have experience indexing and proof-reading texts of this nature.

Media Studies

I have experience of working in this broad field, both as an editor and in marketing; and I am also studying film-making on an MA course.


I have read widely on the subject of old mythologies, ranging from those of Ancient Greece and Rome, to the medieval Norse and Celtic.

Current Affairs

I am an avid follower of contemporary politics in Europe and the USA.

History (All Areas)

I have studied the events, art and literature of a wide number of historical periods, ranging from the Middle Ages to 20th Century Europe.

Linguistics - Applied

I have experience of working as a teacher of English as a foreign language, and hold an accredited CELTA qualification.

Linguistics - Descriptive and Theoretical

I have studied the workings of the English language extensively, both during my degree and my time in teaching English to foreign learners.

Philosophy (All Areas)

I have previously created an index to four volumes on medieval philosophy.

Medieval History

I have worked on indexes relating to the Crusades and to the philosophy of this period.

Related qualifications

BA English Language and Literature

Recent indexes include

Griffiths, Chris and Costi, Melina, The Creative Thinking Handbook, Kogan Page, April 2019
Crowley, Roger, Accursed Tower, Yale University Press, October 2019
Van Dyke, Christina; Arlig, Andrew W., Medieval Philosophy (4-vol. set), Routledge, October 2019
Webb, Lucy, Communication Skills in Nursing Practice, SAGE, December 2019
Ekhomu, Ona, Boko Haram: Security Considerations and the Rise of an Insurgency, Taylor & Francis, November 2019
Dowrick, Christopher, (ed.), Global Primary Mental Health Care: Practical Guidance for Family Doctors, Routledge, December 2019
Kanaani, Mitra (ed.), The Routledge Companion to Paradigms of Performativity in Design and Architecture, Routledge, December 2019
Clemens, Randy S.; McBeth, Mark K., Public Policy Praxis: A Case Approach for Understanding Policy and Analysis, Routledge, March 2020
Olson, Gary, Planning and Designing the IP Broadcast Facility: A New Puzzle to Solve, Routledge, March 2020
Raval, Vasant, Corporate Governance: A Pragmatic Guide for Auditors, Directors, Investors, and Accountants, Auerbach Publications, April 2020