Christine Boylan, BSc PhD MCOptom

Location: DEAL

Membership Grade: Advanced Professional Member

Contact Info

Phone: 01304 381491

General Experience

Over twenty five years experience indexing single and multi-author titles most aimed at undergraduate, graduate and research markets. School textbooks and popular science books are also indexed. I am experienced in using section ID systems.


Medicine and Health (All Areas)

Extensive experience in all areas of medicine and health, with titles ranging from very large textbooks to smaller revision guides. Many have been included in the BMA Medical Book Awards. I have a degree in optometry and a PhD in neurophysiology.

Sports Medicine/Science

I have worked on large textbooks and a number of sports-related BTEC titles.

Medical Ethics/Philosophy

Palliative care, cosmetic surgery and nosology are examples of the many topics indexed.


Great experience working on psychology schoolbooks. Graduate level works on schizophrenia, personality disorder, autism and philosophical issues in psychiatry.


Dog behaviour and evolution are areas of expertise.


Experienced in the areas of orthodontics, caries prevention and general dentistry handbooks.


Infectious disease, non-communicable disease and paediatrics are areas of experience.


Experienced in indexing school textbooks and popular science titles in this area.

Related qualifications

BSc Optometry
PhD Neurophysiology
Member College of Optometrists

Recent indexes include

Chokroverty & Ferini-Strambi, Oxford Textbook of Sleep Disorders, OUP, 2017
Thomas, Lobo & Detering, Advance Care Planning in End of Life Care, OUP, 2018
Macnaughton, The Practical Management of Visual Impairment, CLEARVIEW Training, 2018
Michel, Beattie, Martin & Walston, Oxford Textbook of Geriatric Medicine, OUP, 2017
Paramothayan, Essential Respiratory Medicine, Wiley-Blackwell, 2018

Clients Include

World Health Organization
Oxford University Press
Nuffield Foundation
Allen Lane
Taylor & Francis

Special Publication Type


Extensive experience indexing in all areas of medicine/health/science using page numbers and section ID systems.

School Books

I have extensive experience indexing IB, GCSE/IGCSE and BTEC books.

Manuals And Handbooks

Experience in the medicine and health areas.

Journals (Learned And Professional)

For many years I have produced yearly and cumulative indexes for mainly psychology-related publications.


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