Catherine Hookway

Location: RUISLIP

Membership Grade: Professional Member

Contact Info

Phone: 01895 637905

General Experience

I have been a professional indexer since 1998 and have indexed hundreds of books for over 30 different publishers.  My qualifications include BA (hons) philosophy, postgraduate diploma in librarianship and information management, diploma in adult education, RHS Level 3 horticulture. My specialisms include:

History of all periods, particularly social and political history

Politics, including political philosophy, history and political biographies

Gardening and horticulture, including garden design, garden history, landscape architecture, practical gardening

Philosophy – all areas, particularly political philosophy and ethics

English literature, criticism and literary theory

Mental health, self-help and wellbeing

Food, cookery and nutrition

Biographies of all types, including literary, historical, sporting and celebrity





Experienced in indexing political theory and history for both academic and popular readership. Indexes include Underground Asia by Tim Harper, The War Against the BBC by Patrick Barwise and Peter YorkThe Legacy of John Rawls by Thom Brooks, Who Can You Trust? by Rachel Botsman, Cold War Legacies eds. John Beck and Ryan Bishop.

History (All Areas)

Recent indexes include The Edinburgh History of the British and Irish Press, Volume 2, Underground Asia: Global Revolutionaries and the Assault on Empire by Tim Harper, Robert Adam and His Brothers by Colin Thom, Hidden Histories by Mary Ann Ochota.

Social History

Indexes include London: A Travel Guide Through Time by Matthew Green. Recent online courses taken include FutureLearn’s Peterloo to the Pankhursts, Working Lives in Victorian Coal Mines and Working Lives in Victorian Mills and Factories.

Modern History

Indexes include Underground Asia: Global Revolutionaries and the Assault on Empire by Tim Harper.

British History

Indexing experience includes two recent commissions for Historic England, Place-Making by John Phibbs and Robert Adam and His Brothers by Colin Thom.

Local History

Indexes include A View of Epping Forest by Nicholas Haggar and A History of Alexandra Park (Friends of Alexandra Park).


I have worked as a gardener at Chenies Manor and enjoy indexing books on practical horticulture, garden history and design. I also have an interest in wildlife gardening and vegetable growing, and a good knowledge of botanical plant names. Recent indexes include Place-Making: The Art of Capability Brown by John Phibbs (Historic England).

Landscape Architecture

Indexes include Landscape Architecture and Environmental Sustainability by Joshua Zeunert (Bloomsbury) and The Routledge Companion to Landscape Studies by Peter Howard and Ian Thompson (Routledge).

Philosophy (All Areas)

I am a philosophy graduate and have indexed over 100 books in this area, mostly for an academic-level readership. I have a particular interest in ethics, applied philosophy and political philosophy. Indexes include Central Works of Philosophy, Volumes 1 to 5 ed. John Shand (Acumen), Nietzsche: An Introduction by Gianni Vattimo (Continuum), The New Pragmatism by Alan Malakowski (Routledge), Interventions in Contemporary Thought by Gabriel Rockhill (EUP), Adventures in Transcendental Materialism by Adrian Johnston (EUP), Deleuze, Guattari and the Art of Multiplicity eds. Radek Przedpelski and S. E. Wilmer (EUP).


Indexes include Understanding Virtue Ethics by Stan Van Hooft (Acumen), Animal Theory by Derek Ryan (EUP), Morality and Public Policy by Clem Henricson (Policy Press).


Indexes include Walking Home by Claire Balding (Penguin) and Hidden Histories: A Spotter’s Guide to the British Landscape by Mary Ann Ochota (Frances Lincoln).


I have indexed several books in this field, including How to Be Human and A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled, both by Ruby Wax and In Your Prime: Older, Wiser, Happier by India Knight.


Indexes include The Book About Getting Older by Lucy Pollock, Feel Great, Lose Weight by Rangan Chatterjee, Fitter, Healthier, Happier by Kate Ferdinand, and six of the books in Acumen’s Art of Living series including Wellbeing by Mark Vernon.

Mental Health

Indexes include Ruby Wax’s A Mindfulness Guide for the Frazzled and How to be Human (Penguin), Antonia White and Manic Depressive Illness by Patricia Moran (EUP).

English Literature

Indexes include The Edinburgh Companion to the Short Story in English, Literary Manuscript Culture in Romantic Britain by Kate Levy, An Introduction to English Poetry by James Fenton, How Good is Your Grammar? by John Sutherland, The Libyan Novel by Charis Olszok and Writing Nature in Cold War America by Sarah Daw.

Food and Drink

I have indexed many food and drink titles, both cookery books and others. Titles include Gastrophysics by Charles Spence and Feel Great, Lose Weight by Rangan Chatterjee.

Cookery Books

Cookery books indexed include Fitter, Healthier, Happier by Kate Ferdinand, Passione by Gennaro Contaldo, One Pot Vegan by Roxy Pope and Ben Pook , and a series of four Raw Munchies cookery books by Reut Barak.


Indexes include Top Dog by Kate Bendix (Short Books).

Education (All Areas)

I have completed many education indexes including Teaching English Language Learners in Career and Technical Education Programs by Victor M. Hernández-Gantes (Routledge), Readings for Reflective Teaching by Andrew Pollard (Continuum), Faith in Education eds. Hanan Alexander and Harry Brighouse (Institute of Education), manuals on the National Curriculum for the Central Office of Information, and university and school prospectuses.

Recent indexes include

David Finkestein (ed.), The Edinburgh History of the British and Irish Press, Volume 2: Expansion and Evolution, 1800-1900, EUP, 2020
Patrick Barwise and Peter York, The War Against the BBC, Penguin, 2020
Lucy Pollock, The Book About Getting Older (For People Who Don’t Want to Talk About It), Penguin, 2021
Colin Thom, Robert Adam and His Brothers, Historic England, 2019

Clients Include

Edinburgh University Press, Penguin, Frances Lincoln, Historic England

Special Publication Type

Biographies/ Autobiographies

Over the last 20 years I have indexed a wide range of biographies and autobiographies, including celebrity, sporting, literary, political and historical figures. Subjects include cricketer Alastair Cook, footballer Steven Gerrard, writers Antonia White, Leigh Hunt, Katherine Mansfield and James Boswell, singer David Cassidy, landscape designer Capability Brown, architect Robert Adam and many others.