Beverley Winkler, BA (Hons) DipLib

Location: Radlett

Membership Grade: Advanced Professional Member

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Phone: 01923852701
Mobile: 07920428063

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General Experience

I have worked in publishing for 30 years, mainly as an editor, and as an indexer for 15 years. I am particularly experienced in academic books in the humanities and social sciences. I have also indexed biographies, books on doing business in Eastern Europe as well as a journal for health care professionals and a software manual. I have a degree in German with Spanish and history as subsidiaries, and a diploma in librarianship.


Art History

I have indexed a range of art history books from medieval times, the early modern era, the Victorian period and the twentieth century. Examples of titles indexed include: Animals and Early Modern Identity (Ashgate Publishing); An Organic Architecture: The Architecture of Democracy (Lund Humphries); Frederick Walker and the Idyllists (Lund Humphries).

History (All Areas)

I have mainly indexed books on nineteenth and twentieth history, and in particular European history. Examples of titles include: The Jews of India (Routledge); The Coburg Conspiracy (Ephesus); The Russo-Japanese War and Its Shaping of the Twentieth Century (Routledge).

Social Sciences (All Areas)

I have indexed many sociology books. Examples include: Perspectives in Sociology, 6th edition (Routledge); Social Theory Re-Wired, 2nd edition (Routledge); North American Critical Theory after Postmodernism (Palgrave Macmillan).

Anthropology - Social

I have indexed a number of anthropology books including: Biomedicine in an Unstable Place: Infrastructure and Personhood in a Papua New Guinean Hospital (Duke University Press); Rematerialising Children’s Agency: Everyday Practices in a Post-Socialist Estate (Policy Press); Community Art: An Anthropological Perspective (Berg).

Social Policy

I have indexed many social policy books. Examples include: Social Policy in Times of Austerity: Global Economic Crisis and the New Politics (Policy Press); Advanced Introduction to Social Policy (Edward Elgar Publishing); Social Policy and Welfare Pluralism: Selected Writings of Robert Pinker (Policy Press).


I have indexed a variety of economics books including: Benefit-Cost Analyses for Security Policies (Edward Elgar Publishing); Rail Economics, Policy and Regulation in Europe (Edward Elgar Publishing); A Sharing Economy: How Social Wealth Funds Can Tackle Inequality and Help Balance the Books (Policy Press).

Crime and Criminology

I have indexed a number of criminology book. Examples include: Globalisation and the Challenge to Criminology (Routledge); Juvenile Delinquency: An Integrated Approach (Routledge);Positive Youth Justice: Children First, Offenders Second (Policy Press).


I have indexed many books on various topics in management. Examples include: Research Handbook on Women in International Management (Edward Elgar Publishing); Performance Management in the Public Sector 2nd edition (Routledge); Leading Small Business (Edward Elgar Publishing).

Education (All Areas)

I have indexed books on different aspects of education iGlobncluding: Parallel Learning of Reading and Writing in Early Childhood (Routledge); Knowledge and Knowers: Towards a Realist Sociology of Education (Routledge); Elite Education: International Perspectives (Routledge).

Gender Studies

Books that I have indexed in this area include: Globalizing Feminisms 1789-1945 (Routledge); Feminism: A Beginner’s Guide (Oneworld); Sexuality, Women, and Tourism (Routledge).

Popular Medicine (Works Intended For Lay Readers)

I have covered a variety of topics in this field. Examples include: Coping with OCD (Oneworld) and Coping with Depression (Oneworld).


I have studied Judaism to Bat Chayil level. An example of books indexed is The Torah: A Beginner’s Guide.

Related qualifications

Postgraduate Diploma in Librarianship

Other skills

I have copy-edited a range of books and journals including academic books in the humanities and social sciences, publications on librarianship and doing business in Eastern Europe, British Standards and Diaries. I have also copy-edited a German Grammar book and a German GCSE revision guide.

I have proofread a range of books and journals including academic books in the humanities and social sciences, publications on librarianship and doing business in Eastern Europe, British Standards and Diaries.

Recent indexes include

Paul K. Jones, Critical Theory and Demagogic Populism, Manchester University Press, 2020
Songshon (Sam) Huang and Ganghua Chen, Handbook on Tourism and China, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2020
Oliver Watson, Ceramics of Iran: Islamic Pottery from the Sarikhani Collection, Yale University Press, 2020
Rebekah Plueckhahn, Shaping Urban Futures in Mongolia:Ulaanbaatar, Dynamic Ownership and Economic Flux, UCL Press, 2020
Chris Evans and Louise Miskell, Swansea Copper: A Global History, John Hopkins University Press, 2020
Deborah Jump, The Criminology of Boxing, Violence and Desistance, Bristol University Press, 2020
Anders Esmark, The New Technocracy, Bristol University Press, 2020
Janet Waymark, Cedric Morris: A Life in Arts and Plants, Whitefox, 2019
Peter J.S. Duncan and Elisabeth Schimpfössl, Socialism, Capitalism
and Alternatives: Area Studies and Global Theories
, UCL Press, 2019
Nicholas Hagger, Peace for Our Time: A Reflection on War and Peace and a Third World, O-Books, 2017

Clients Include

Bristol University Press
Edward Elgar Publishing
John Hopkins University Press
Lund Humphries
Manchester University Press
Policy Press
UCL Press
Yale University Press

Special Publication Type

Biographies/ Autobiographies

I have indexed a range of biographies and autobiographies. Examples include: The Woman Who Saved the World: A Biography of Eglantyne Jebb; My Double Life 1: This Dark Wood: A Journey into Light. Episodes and Pattern in a Writer’s Life (O-Books); My Double Life 2: A Rainbow over the Hills: The Vision of Unity. Episodes and Pattern in a Writer’s Life (o-Books).


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