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Indexing is my current career and I am available to index full-time and year-round. My belief is that a quality index is an essential information retrieval tool that improves the appeal and saleability of a book or journal. The same follows for embedded indexes in e-publications. I have trained through the Society of Indexers and use British Standards on indexing.

I have indexed many subjects (those below are particular specialisms but by no means a limitation) across the whole range of readership levels. I have been commissioned by a wide variety of publishers and contributed to a number of award-winning projects.



Natural History

My indexing experience in this field includes many aspects of the scientific study of animals and plants. I specialise in botany and ornithology (see below) but welcome commissions on all natural history subjects.


Commissions have involved indexing on flowers, fungi and trees, economic plants and botanical art. Recent work includes indexing The Bauers: Joseph, Franz & Ferdinand by Hans Walter Lack, published by Prestel. This title received the International Association of Plant Taxonomists’ Stafleu medal.


Apart from field guides, I have also indexed local and international species studies, directories of birding sites, conservation status studies and species atlases for a range of publishers. I indexed The Handbook of Bird Families by Jonathan Elphick published by the Natural History Museum in 2019.


During the time I have been indexing, exciting new technologies have extended knowledge of geological time further back and fresh fossil discoveries are constantly being made. A particularly interesting index commission was for Ross Barnett’s The Missing Lynx, published by Bloomsbury in 2019.

History (All Areas)

Many subjects overlap in historical studies and make for challenging indexing. One such project, combining historical biography with politics and voyages of scientific discovery, was compiling a series of six indexes over three years to the letters of Sir Joseph Banks for the volumes of The Indian and Pacific Correspondence of Sir Joseph Banks, 1768-1820, edited by Neil Chambers, published by Pickering and Chatto. Another fascinating historical index commission was for Jane Kilpatrick and Jennifer Harmer’s The Galanthophiles: 160 Years of Snowdrop Devotees, published by Orphans Publishing in 2018.

Anthropology - Social

The study of human societies and cultures is another fascinating and varied area to index. Everything from the populist Gothic: the Evolution of a Dark Subculture indexed for Carlton Books to the academic Built in Niugini: Constructions in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea by Paul Sillitoe, published by Sean Kingston Publishing for a Royal Anthropological Institute series.

Current Affairs

Environmentalism, human rights and politics are my specialisms. Recent index commissions include Rainbow Warriors by Maite Mompo of Greenpeace, and Vijah Mehta’s How Not to Go to War: Establishing Departments for Peace and Peace Centres Worldwide, both published by the New Internationalist.


Creativity attracts me to books on these subjects. I was recently commissioned to index Draping: The Complete Course, 2nd ed. by Karolyn Kiisel, published by Laurence King.

Food and Drink

Commissions have included Union Hand-roasted Coffee’s Real Fresh Coffee, Oz Clarke’s World of Wine: Wines Grapes Vineyards and Rob and Michelle Comins’Tales of the Tea Trade, all published by Pavilion Books.


Knowledge of geography and place names has been relevant to most subjects indexed. It has not only brought me to indexing maps and atlases, but also descriptive travellers’ guides, such as Jacki Sime’s St David’s Peninsula, published by Bobby & Co.

Recent indexes include

Nasta, S., Brave New Words, Myriad Editions, 2019
Wright, I., The Dynamics of Stillness, Eddison Books, 2019

Clients Include

Bobby & Co.
Carlton Books
Dorling Kindersley
Eddison Books
Laurence King
Natural History Museum
New Internationalist
Orphans Publishing
Pavilion Books
Pickering & Chatto
Sean Kingston Publishing
University of Chicago Press

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