The Scottish Group was the first of the Society’s Local Groups to be formed, in 1986, by Anne McCarthy and Moyra Forrest. It formed the model for other Groups. Our membership of about 60 is spread out over the whole of Scotland (30,400 square miles), including members in the Western Isles and Shetland. We generally meet twice a year, in April/May and September/October, usually for an afternoon. Anyone visiting Scotland is very welcome to join our meetings.

The Scottish Group runs a discussion forum that is open to members of the Society.

Further information

For further information, please contact the Scottish group coordinator, Linda Clark

Forthcoming meetings

Next meeting, Spring 2019, TBA’

Previous meetings

Scottish Group Meeting 22nd October 2018

The group booked a room at the University of Strathclyde for this meeting, which was a training/CPD meeting.

We started with a presentation on the development of the training course. This was delivered by Linda Clark, the outgoing organiser, with thanks to Jan Worrall, who provided much of the material.

This generated a lively discussion, as the students attending range from Module A through to D on the training course. This wide span of indexing practice and experience gave a broad view.

Next came a conference report from Moyra Forrest, supplemented by Lyndsay Marshall, whose conference report you may have seen in Sidelights.

We broke for coffee after this, then returned for a peer review. Everyone had made a good effort at indexing the text, a pamphlet called Tracing the History of your House, a big ask for the students just starting on Module A of the training course. Again, the discussion was lively, with substantial contributions from all attendees, often reflecting on issues from the course tests.

We finished at lunch time, and adjourned to a local restaurant for a well-earned lunch.

Following the meeting, I am delighted to announce that Fiona Firth, one of the students, has volunteered to step into the role of organiser while she completes the training course. It is envisaged that there will be a staged handover, with Fiona increasingly taking on the administration and organisation. She does not feel ready to take over the full role just yet, so I will continue as caretaker while she gets up to speed.

I am sure the Scottish group will offer Fiona the same support that it has shown me and I think that we can all be very pleased that the continuation of the SI Scottish group is assured for some time to come.

Linda Clark

Thursday 22 March 2018 – Scottish National Portrait Gallery, 1 Queen Street, Edinburgh EH2 1JD

The Scottish Group convened its spring meeting on Thursday 22 March at the remarkable building of the National Portrait Gallery in Edinburgh. Members were given the grand tour of the gallery which has the most beautiful and evocative murals, art works, paintings, sculptures and photographs on display. Becky Howell, the librarian, gave an excellent introduction to the research, collection and public libraries based there. She spoke in detail about the in-house process of digitisation currently being carried out. She also gave a fascinating account of how the libraries were organised, including the bespoke classification system used by the library.

Anju Okhandiar