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Annual Conference 2016, Birmingham

'Back to the Future'

13 September 2016

Conferences enable you to hone your skills, learn about new developments, reflect on indexing as a profession and, of course, network with colleagues old and new.  This year we held a one-day conference in a central and accessible location and put together a programme with a mixture of plenary and break-out sessions to appeal to both new and experienced indexers. Conference reports are available via the conferences section in the members' area of the website.

At the conference venue, the Society had sole use of the top floor, where all conference sessions took place and refreshments were also served so no time was wasted in walking from one location to another. Located on Cannon Street, only a few minutes’ walk from Birmingham New Street Station, The Studio proved to be an excellent venue.

Members choosing to arrive in Birmingham the evening before booked into hotels in close proximity to the conference venue and arranged to meet up for dinner and to catch up with colleagues old and new.

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