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Occasional Papers

The Occasional Papers, published by the Society of Indexers, are intended to contribute to raising standards of indexing in the field they cover, to stimulate indexers in all specialisms to think more deeply about the principles and methods of their work and to be useful to librarians and others concerned with the retrieval of information. Five have been published; the authors are all well known in their field of indexing.

Members’ prices are available to members of the Society of Indexers and members of the overseas indexing societies.

  • OP1: Hazel K. Bell, Indexing biographies and other stories of human lives, 3rd edn, Society of Indexers, 2004.
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  • OP4: Geraldine Beare, Indexing newspapers, magazines and other periodicals, Society of Indexers, 1999.
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  • OP5: K.G.B. Bakewell and Paula L. Williams, Indexing children's books, Society of Indexers, 2000.
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Prices and availability

Information on the prices and availability of these publications and ordering details is available elsewhere.

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