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Software information

Adobe Reader software

To open or print files indicated by the PDF icon PDF file, you will need to have Adobe Acrobat or the Adobe Reader installed on your computer.

Depending on how your comuter and/or Web browser are set up, clicking on a link to a PDF file may either display the file on screen or save it to your hard disk. For most combinations of operating systems and Web browsers you can get a menu which allows you to choose between these options by right-clicking on the link or, if you have an Apple Macintosh computer with a one-button mouse, pressing and holding down the mouse button.

Get Adobe Reader!The free Adobe Acrobat Reader is available from the Adobe Website. The software often included on the cover disks of computer magazines and on disks with other commercial software.

Microsoft PowerPoint viewer

To open or print files indicated by the PowerPoint icon PowerPoint file, you will need to have the Microsoft Office Suite, Microsoft PowerPoint or the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer installed on your computer.

The free Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer is available from the Microsoft Website.

Compression software

To open or access compressed files indicated by the Zip icon Zip file, you will need to have compression/decompression software installed on your computer (typically WinZip for Windows PC users, or Stuffit for Mac users).

For Windows PC users, the shareware WinZip software is available from the WinZip Website. An alternative compression/decompression programs are WinRAR 7-ZIP open source software .

For Mac users, the shareware Stuffit software is available from the Stuffit Website.

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