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Indexing software

Researchers have been trying for many years to develop linguistic processing systems to analyze text and automatically produce an index of the contents. Some progress has begun to be made for specialist technical documents, written in very formal language, but for normal text results are still haphazard at best and so cannot be recommended for professional publishing. See also the article on Human or computer produced indexes?

Dedicated indexing software

Professional indexers do use software to help with speed and accuracy, just as authors use word processors. The most popular programs, listed below, have downloadable demonstration versions available from their respective Websites.

For more detail about these programs and their features which are tailored to make an indexer's life easier and more efficient and productive see Dedicated Indexing Software: What it Can Do for You.


For information about CINDEX™, visit the Indexing Research Website. A downloadable demonstration version is available.


MACREX indexing software Website has a downloadable demo version of the software.

SKY Index Professional

For further information about SKY Index Professional, visit the SKY Software Website. A downloadable demonstration version is available.

Other software resources

For other software resources, please refer to the Resources for indexers page.


Please note that these details are given in the interests of public information only. The Society neither recommends nor endorses any of the products listed on this Web page.

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