Workshop topics

The following workshops take place at various times throughout the year, typically at conferences, or organised by local groups.  Scheduled workshops will be shown in the calendar of events. Some of these workshops are also available online and can be taken at any time of the year.

  • Taking the plunge: getting to grips with your first commission (tutor: Ann Hudson)
  • Cookery: indexes from the kitchen (tutor: Michèle Clarke-Moody)
  • Creating order out of chaos: how to edit an index (tutor: Ann Hudson) (also available online)
  • MS Word embedded indexing suspended pending revision  (tutors: various) (online version only)
  • Active indexing: creating indexes for eBooks (tutor Jan Worrall) (online version only)
  • Indexing basics (tutor Jan Worrall) (online version only)
  • Indexing for editors (tutor Ann Hudson) (online version)
  • Essential or trivial? Deciding what to put in the index (tutor: Ann Hudson)
  • Finding the words: how to write index entries (tutor: Ann Hudson) (also available online)
  • Gardening: indexes from the potting shed (tutor: Michèle Clarke)
  • Indexing the past (tutor: Ann Hudson)
  • Lives in miniature: indexing biographies and life writing (tutor: Christopher Phipps)
  • Negotiation (tutor: Jane Read)
  • Words and pictures: indexing art books and catalogues (tutor: Joan Dearnley)
  • Indexing for editors and proofreaders (These workshops are run in conjunction with the Society for Editors and Proofreaders)