Training in Indexing course: 5th edition information

A new 5th edition of the SI training course is in development with an expected launch later in 2020. The course is being remodelled to bring it more in line with modern learning methods for professional training and to provide a better learning experience with more autonomy and responsibility. Course materials are also being revised and updated to reflect recent developments in publishing, but the basic structure of the modules is not changing.

After passing the Module A test, which will remain the same for both editions, students will follow a path where the development of indexing skills on Modules B and C is supported by individual tuition and advice. After passing the Module D tests of theory and practical indexing competence, they will submit a final non-assessed indexing assignment in preparation for commercial indexing.

Online group tutorials led by experienced indexers and a short workshop introducing students to embedded indexing will continue to be compulsory components of the course.

Transfer arrangements will be in place so that students working on Modules A, B or C of the 4th edition will have the option to transfer into the appropriate module of the 5th edition, for a set fee, when it is rolled out. It is therefore possible to start the current course at a time suitable for you and still benefit from the advantages of the 5th edition course when it becomes available.

The cost of the 5th edition course will be slightly higher than the current course.