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The Society runs its own distance-learning course, ‘Training in Indexing’ which leads to Accreditation and Professional Membership of the Society. Accreditation by the Society of Indexers is a professional and vocational qualification and a high standard is required to pass, to ensure competency in the commercial world. A high level of English language proficiency is required for the course.

The course consists of the following compulsory elements

  • four assessed modules
  • a practice index exercise with feedback in preparation for the C test
  • three online tutorials led by an experienced indexer
  • an online workshop on embedded indexing in Word
  • a final non-assessed practical indexing assignment creating an index to a full-length book

and is accompanied by optional practice exercises and additional tutorials for those needing more support.

The course provides a grounding in the basic principles of indexing needed to produce useful, well-structured indexes. Analytical indexing skills are essential to identify concepts and to create entries which direct users effectively and efficiently to the most useful and appropriate content in a text. The current edition of the course, launched in 2010, has recently been revised to relate content to the impact of new e-publishing technologies on indexing, and to give new indexers an understanding of the digital publishing environment they are entering.

A new 5th edition of the course is currently in preparation. For more details, follow this link

The course was awarded the CILIP Seal of Recognition by the Chartered Institute of Library and Information Professionals in 2008, in acknowledgement of its relevance in the information field. The Seal is now discontinued but the Society is currently a CILIP Supplier Partner.

Hosted by Nelson Croom, who have a proven track record in providing training packages for professional organisations, the web-based platform offers seamless access to:

  • Study materials – download each section as you need it
  • Practice exercises and quizzes – review your progress and assess your readiness for the formal tests
  • Resources area – links to a wide range of useful resources

For a sample extract from Module A click here.

You may also purchase Module A and receive a month’s access to the training site before deciding whether to become a member of SI and enrol for the course.

The course offers a flexible approach:

  • Pricing structure – spread the costs by paying for each module separately as you progress through the course.
  • Progress at your own speed through the four modules
  • Up to four years allowed to complete the course*
  • Start at any time of the year

[*  There is an additional requirement to proceed to the PIA (practical indexing assignment) within a year of passing the final assessed test]

The course is aimed at those interested in developing a professional career in indexing and anyone who needs to extend their knowledge of indexing in order to enhance professional development.

To see if you have aptitude for indexing, try our pre-enrolment exercises.

And there is plenty of personal contact and support:

  • Online tutorials – practise indexing, with discussions led by an experienced indexer
  • Discussion forum – keep in touch with fellow students on a dedicated online forum
  • Helpline – having problems? Access to a course advisor for help on specific points
  • Student representative – you can raise issues in relation to the course with your Student Rep who will pass concerns on to the training course committee

Feedback on the course

Read some comments on the course from recent students.