Additional course components

Note: if you are already a student on the SI course you will find more detailed information in the ‘Students’ section of the Members Area.

In addition to the Module Tests, the following are also components of the course:

Online tutorials

Students are required to take part in three online tutorials, working with a small group of other students. For each tutorial they compile an index to a short set text, compare their results and participate in discussions led by the tutor, an experienced indexer, who also gives guidance on best practice. The indexes compiled for the tutorials are not marked or graded, and individual feedback is not given, though students can raise specific points about their index for discussion among the group.
Students can find more information on the Members’ Area ‘Students’ section Online Tutorials page.

One-to-one tutorials (optional but recommended for some students)

In addition, for candidates who fail to achieve pass standard, or who only achieve a narrow pass on Tests B, C or D, two optional one-to-one online tutorials are available.

Students can find more information on the Members’ Area ‘Students’ section Online Tutorials page

Prices for online tutorials are shown in Prices and ordering.

Module C Indexing Exercise

This compulsory indexing exercise is provided as a preparation for the Module C test and involves indexing an equivalent length text. Your index will then be reviewed by a course marker who will provide informal feedback.

Students can find detailed information on this exercise in the Members Area Students’ section  Module C  Indexing Exercise page

Current price can be found in Prices and Ordering.

Embedded indexing in MS Word online workshop

There are various software methods of embedding index entries in text; one of these is Microsoft Word. This workshop will give you an understanding of the process and implications of embedding index entries which will inform use of other programs.

The workshop is a compulsory element for all students who started the course after 1 January 2016 and recommended for all other D Module students. The workshop can be taken any time after purchasing Module D, including after submission of the PIA.

Students can find more detailed information on the workshop page

Practical indexing assignment (PIA)

To demonstrate that they are ready to work in the commercial world, after passing the four formal tests (A – D) students are required to complete a practical indexing assignment, an index to a complete book or document of their choice of about 150-200 pages in length. The current price is shown in Prices and ordering.

Students should visit the PIA page in the Member’ Area ‘Students’ section for more detailed information on criteria, time limits and how to apply.