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Submissions and time limits (4th Edition)

Time limits

Formal tests may only be taken one at a time and there is a time limit for completing each test.

Papers A and B must be completed and returned within 21 days, Paper C within 28 days and Paper D within 35 days; these times may be extended for overseas candidates on request.  Please note that once you have applied for Paper D you must submit by the required deadline or you may be disqualified from the course.

Submitting your test

You should attempt test papers only when you feel adequately prepared and only after comments on previous tests have been received.

Your answers must be sent as an email attachment.

The Course Administrator distributes Test Papers to candidates and markers, and co-ordinates the results. Candidates and markers are anonymous to each other. A moderation procedure ensures a consistent standard of marking.

Marking turn-around is about three weeks, but occasionally takes longer. Candidates are informed whether their answers have met the required standard. Exact marks are not divulged but you will receive a grade for each test. Papers are given additional scrutiny if necessary before final marks are confirmed.

Test structure

Markers’ comments

Test resits

Course time limits