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Test structure (4th Edition)

The tests are split into two parts, a theory section and an index section, and the allocation of marks for each section is indicated. The tests are marked using a grading system A–E, with A–C indicating levels of pass. The overall passmark is 70%, and candidates are required to pass both sections.

Test questions come with their own instructions and requirements for the practical indexing task are given specifically for each question. It is important to follow instructions exactly.

You will find that the test papers increase considerably in difficulty as you progress through the course. The aim is to enable successful candidates to enter the commercial world and to practise competently.

Resits of Part 1 and/or Part 2 are permitted. Test A may be retaken once; Tests B, C and D may be retaken twice.

A one-to-one tutorial is available to help  C and D Module students who have failed a test. Please contact the SI Office for information.

Submissions and time limits

Markers’ comments

Test resits