Pass rates

All students from 2010 up to and including September 2015

The table below shows the numbers and percentages achieving a pass on each test paper and moving on to the next module.

It is not uncommon to have to resit a test, particularly on the more advanced papers. Indexing a longer text involves careful analysis and the observation of a number of indexing principles, and to do this well takes practice.

The feedback on test papers, and the one-to-one tutorial available to students who fail a test on B-D, help to highlight where problems are occurring, and most students do better on their resit.

TestTest ATest BTest CTest D
Number of students1461008153
Passes (including resits)125856943
Percentage pass rate86%85%85%81%

A number of students have passed the course with straight passes i.e. without having to resit any papers.

Year20112012201320142015*Total for course
Number of students achieving accreditation on 4th ed4**6**7**5**13*35*
Number of students with straight passes2230310

N.B. The numbers are small and not truly statistically significant
* To end of November

**These figures include students who started on the 3rd edition of the course and transferred to the 4th edition part-way through.

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