Zoe Ross, BA


Membership Grade: Advanced Professional Member

Contact Info

Phone: 0131 553 2020
Mobile: 07939 511372
Email: zoe@sargasso.uk.com

General Experience

Have worked as an accredited indexer since 2009 (becoming an Advanced member in 2012). Since then have produced more than 2,000 indexes for a wide variety of publishers, from Islamic history to pop music history.

Previously worked as a book editor both in house and freelance, since 1991, including editor for writers such as Gore Vidal, Carlos Fuentes and Brian Rix  A graduate in English Literature (BA) I have an interest and experience in a wide range of subjects, with a particular emphasis on biography, cinema and film (and television), literature, politics, history, food and drink, travel and popular culture. (I spent many years working in travel publishing for both Dorling Kindersley and Insight Guides, including being a front guider/advisor on DK’s Top 10 series, at least 20 of which I produced myself.)

I re-trained as an indexer because, when so much of my editorial work was relocated to places such as India,  I wanted to continue my love, which is creative publishing and being at the forefront of putting books together, rather than managerial.

I welcome long or short term projects, am available year-round, and am happy to consider projects at short notice.


Art and Design

A range of titles for Bloomsbury’s design inprint, such as Pop Art & Design and How to Be an Illustrator. Also worked on interior designers and stage designers, such as John Piper, as well as artists as diverse as Thomas Gainsborough, Gilbert & George and the Pre-Raphaelites (Beyond the Brotherhood for Redcliffe Press) to modern visual artists such as Shantell Martin.

Art History

A number of art history and artist profiles for publishers such as Unicorn Press and I. B. Tauris, featuring artists including Eric Ravilious, Whistler, Thomas Gainsborough, John Piper and Gilbert & George.
Have done a number of titles for museums including Burrell Collection (Glasgow) and London’s Lost Jewels (Museum of London).
Modern art titles include Pop Art (Bloomsbury) and Shantell Martin (Heni Publishing)

Cinema and Film

An extensive knowledge of cinema, from mainstream Hollywood (particularly good on 30s–50s period including musicals and film noir) to world cinema, both history & modern (have covered China, Peru, France and Israel in past film titles).
Other broad and varied number of titles undertaken include Gilliamesque (Canongate), Claude Chabrol (EUP) and New Realism (EUP).
Also a number of television titles, including Doctor Who and Star Trek, and radio titles (ie. Just a Minute! for Canongate).


Have worked on a range of theatre titles, including Modern British Playwrights (Methuen), Commedia dell’Arte (Ashgate); The Golden Age of Pantomime (I. B. Tauris), Posthuman Becket (EUP) and Theatre Through the Camera Eye (EUP). Good knowledge of most theatre subjects: British, Broadway and European, as well as costume and stage design. Particularly strong knowledge of musical theatre.

English Literature

Graduate in English Literature so strong knowledge of literature from 15th to 21st century. Particular interest in 19th-century literature with a good knowledge (specialist degree paper) of Charles Dickens. Fully up to date with contemporary literature too, both professional and personal. Projects include Literary Rivals (Biteback), Bannockburns (EUP) and Jean Rhys: 21st-Century Approaches (EUP).
Past authors’ biographies and/or criticisms include: Elizabeth Bowen; Byron; Rupert Brooke; Laurie Lee; Seamus Heaney and Tennyson. Themes include disability; Gothic; comics; fairy tales; children and travel (Madrid Literary Guide).


Titles include The Fashion Image (Bloomsbury), Thinking Through Fashion (I.B.Tauris) and Fabric of Scotland (Think). Good knowledge of fashion history, as well as make up (cosmetics and stage) and hair design.


Range of titles from classical to rock and pop, including Sound and Sweet Airs (Oneworld), Beginner’s Guide to Jazz (Oneworld),Like a Bat Out of Hell (Orion) and 10cc (Rocket 88). Better knowledge of jazz and popular music than classical. Particularly strong on musicals, particularly Broadway/West End.

Cookery Books

A wide range of cookbook indexes for publishers such as Absolute Press, Penguin, Quadrille, Orion and Canongate. Chef titles include Tom Kerridge, Atul Kocchar, Jason Atherton, Nathan Outlaw and Tom Kitchin, and restaurants including Sketch, Cinnamon Kitchen, Seahorse and Benares. Recently a number of vegetarian/vegan and gluten-free books.
Interest in food history, so also a number of literary titles about food and place, such as Made in London (Absolute Press) and Mamma (Orion).

Food and Drink

A wide range of cookbook indexes for publishers such as Absolute Press, Penguin, Quadrille, Orion and Canongate. Chef titles include Tom Kerridge, Atul Kocchar, Jason Atherton, Nathan Outlaw and Tom Kitchin, and restaurants including Sketch, Cinnamon Kitchen, Seahorse and Benares. Recently a number of vegetarian/vegan and gluten-free books.
Interest in food history, so also a number of literary titles about food and place, such as Made in London (Absolute Press) and Mamma (Orion).


A vast range of titles covering politics in Britain, USA, Russia (& Soviet Union), the Middle East, Africa and Asia. Select titles include Who Lost Russia? (Oneworld), Call Me Dave (Biteback), Frontline Turkey (I. B. Tauris), Mau Mau Interrogator (Skyscraper) and The Good State (Oneworld).
The list is so vast please contact me for further information.

History (All Areas)

A range of titles covering history from the Middle Ages to the 20th century, with focus on both British and international history. Select titles include 1666 (John Murray), Dynasties of China (Folio Society),
The Great Fire (IBT), Richard III (Bloomsbury), 1666 (John Murray), Game of Queens (Oneworld)and Blood and Silk: Power and Conflict in Southeast Asia (Weidenfeld & Nicolson).

Please see also other history entries, such as social history. Also extensive list of World Wars (I & II) titles – contact for details.

Religious History

Have worked on a number of titles regarding world religions including Islam (and all its branches, from Sufism to Wahhabism), Judaism, Buddhism and Christianity. Titles include Pilgrimage in Islam (Oneworld), Buddhisms (Oneworld), Emergence of Modern Shi’ism (Oneworld), History of Monasticism (I. B. Tauris) and Cardinal Newman (John Murray/Hodder). See also Islam.

-Travel and Specific Countries

Have worked on a wide range of guidebooks for publishers including Dorling Kindersley, Thomas Cook, Insight Guides, AA and Fodors. Extensive (personal) knowledge of various locations worldwide across all five continents, with particular emphasis on London, Scotland, France, Italy and India and Asia in general. Long list of travel guides indexed, from Bali to San Francisco; please contact for more information.
See also specific countries for more historical titles.


General titles on Architecture (Amber Books) and Art Deco (Shire) as well as more specialised titles, such as Stanley Picker. Also books on church architecture.


Innumerable titles on TV (British and international) as well as radio.

Include Dragon’s Den (Harpercollins), various Dr Who titles (IB Tauris), Star Trek (UCL), Just a Minute! (Canongate) and titles on BBC Persia and BBC Pakistan.

Have extensive knowledge of British TV from around 1960s to present day.

Cultural Studies

More titles than it’s possible to list, but as varied as Euphemisms (John Murray), Turkish baths (EUP), Making Evil (Canongate), the history of Yiddish Culture, as well as all Simon Garfield’s titles.


Far too many titles to fully list, so please contact me for full list if required.

Select examples include History of Islam in 21 Women (Oneworld, 2019), History of Islam in Indonesia (EUP, 2016),
Pilgrimage in Islam (Oneworld, 2017), The Quran (Oneworld, 2017) and Islamic Modernism (EUP 2020).

Basically have covered every angle, from beginners Islam to Sufism, Wahhabism, peace, violence, politics and religious texts.

However, please note that I am not an Arabic speaker.

Social History

The history of Liverpool (Hurricane Port – Mainstream); histories of Scotland (Insanitary City [Carnegie]; Edinburgh New Town Builders [Spire]; Scheming [EUP]), and more general titles involving social life, religion, cities etc, such as: Genius and Anxiety (Oneworld, 2019); Health of Nations (Oneworld, 2016); The New Urban Crisis (Oneworld, 2017); Posh Boys (Oneworld, 2018)

Modern History

After the Fall (Wiedenfeld & Nicholson) – history of Spain from Franco to present day, including Podemos and Vox. Wide range of other titles from Middle East politics, to modern electoral systems, to immigration.

American History

Biographies of Jefferson and Lincoln (Folio Society); Reagan: An American Icon (IB Tauris); Gotham Rising (history of NYC) (IB Tauris); as well as various McCarthyism titles, Gold Rush titles, and military campaigns from Civil War to Iraq.


Bannockburns (EUP) (literary history of Scotland), Insanitary City (history of sanitation) (Carnegie), Edinburgh New Town Builders (Spire); Scheming (EUP); Classical Caledonia (Roman Scotland) (EUP).

Live and work in Edinburgh and travel Scotland regularly, from Glasgow to highlands and islands.

Gender Studies

Deconstruction, Feminism, Film (EUP, 2018); Entanglement (Oneworld, 2016); The Fight for Beauty (Oneworld, 2016); Menopause (Orion, 2017); Women and TV in Pakistan (IB Tauris, 2018); Women in Mongol Iran (EUP, 2016); Women Who Dared (Oneworld, 2018); Women’s Transnational Activism (I.B. Tauris, 2014)


Born of Indian stock I am familiar with the historical aspects of India in all terms: history; Partition; architecture; food etc.

Having been regularly (at least 10 times) I’m also familiar with the modern country. Have done a number of books on the country, but largely about it’s battle with Pakistan. Would welcome books that simply celebrate it’s own uniqueness.

Can supply details or more info on past titles on request.


Very experienced knitter, but also (less experienced but competent) embroiderer, sewer as well as various other options around the house/craft area, including home decorating.



My main interests here are Astaire, Kelly, Bill Bojangles, Nicholas Brothers, Bob Fosse etc. and their generations.

But also some knowledge (general, not academic) of ballet and its composers.

Middle East

More political/social books than travel books (not sure why it is in the travel category). Vast range of titles, from ancient history to modern day. Examples include: Biggest Prison on Earth (Oneworld, 2017); Under the Black Flag (IB Tauris, 2015); Frontline Turkey (IB Tauris, 2017); Iran Turkey Relations (Routeledge, 2011); Language, Politics and Society in the Middle East (EUP, 2017)

In terms of travel specifically, have worked on books on Egypt and Israel.


A range of titles from North Africa (Egyptian politics, media & film, ditto Morocco) to South Africa, Kenya, Sudan and a history of the Nile (twice, different publishers)

Personally familiar with North Africa (various) and South Africa.


Wide variety of titles from imperial/dynastic history to modern day and culture. Here’s a few:
Dynasties of China (Folio Society, 2013)
China’s Wars (Osprey, 2013)
China’s Frontier Regions (IB Tauris, 2015)
China and Chinese in Popular Film (IB Tauris, 2016)
Imperial China (Oneworld, 2020)


Would not consider myself qualified for heavily academic books on this subject, but have done a number of general readership and/or student titles, such as Bluff Economics (Oneworld), Economics (Hodder Learning) and How Money Got Free (Oneworld). Have done titles on cryptocurrencies, and the effects that AI might have on world economics.

Other skills

More than 20 years experience of copy-editing, clients include EUP; DK; André Deutsch.

More than 20 years experience of proofreading.Clients too varied to mention, but particularly call upon to proofread cookbooks.

Recent indexes include

Norman Lebrecht, Genius and AnxietyI, Oneworld, 2019
David Shariatmadari, Don’t Believe a Word, Weidenfeld & Nicolson, 2019
Matt Lucas, Little Me, Canongate, July 2017
Mimi Aye, Mandalay cookbook, Absolute Press, January 2019
Isaac Hui, Volpone’s Bastards: Theorising Jonson’s City Comedy, Edinburgh University Press, October 2017

Clients Include

Absolute Press; Biteback Publishing; Bloomsbury; British Library; Canongate; Carlton; CUP; Dorling Kindersley; Edinburgh University Press; Folio
Society; HarperCollins; Heni Publishing; I.B. Tauris; John Blake Publishing; John Murray Publishers; Oneworld Publications; Orion; Osprey Publishing; Palgrave Macmillan; Pavilion; Penguin Books; Quadrille; Reaktion; Redcliffe Press; Shire Books; Spire Books; UCL; Unicorn Press;
Weidenfeld & Nicolson

Special Publication Type

Travel Guides

Have worked on a wide range of guidebooks as both editor, project manager and managing editor for publishers including Dorling Kindersley, Thomas Cook, Insight Guides, AA and Fodors. Extensive (personal) knowledge of various locations worldwide, with particular emphasis on London, Scotland, France, Italy and India.


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