Rachel Oakes

Location: TEIGNMOUTH, Devon

Membership Grade: Professional Member

Contact Info

Mobile: 07951 159251
Email: info@oakesindexing.co.uk
Website: www.oakesindexing.co.uk


Geography - Human

My undergraduate degree was in geography, and I have a particular interest in social and urban geography.

Books indexed include:
Arjmand, R. Public urban space, gender and segregation: Women-only urban parks in Iran.
Hooper, G., and J. Lennon (Eds). Dark tourism: Practice and interpretation
Gracia Liu-Farrer, G. and B.S.A. Yeoh (Eds). Routledge Handbook of Asian Migrations
Najafizadeh, M. and L. Lindsey (Eds). Women of Asia: Globalization, development, and gender equity.

Social Sciences (All Areas)

Social Sciences are my main area of specialism. In addition to geography, I’ve indexed books in criminology, development studies, economics, media studies, social policy and sociology.

Books indexed include:
Brock, T., Carrigan, M. and G. Scambler. Structure, Culture, Agency: Selected papers of Margaret Archer
Lindegaard, M.R. Surviving Gangs, Violence and Racism in Cape Town
Lussier, P. and E. Beauregard. Sexual Offending: A criminological perspective
Ohno, K. The History of Japanese Economic Development
Stromback, J. and S. Kiousis (Eds). Political Public Relations: Concepts, principles, and applications

Urban Development

I particularly enjoy working on books in this area, whether the focus is geography, sociology, architecture or design.

Books indexed include:
Darling, E. and N.R. Walker (Eds). Suffragette city
Gottdiener, M., Hohle, R. and C. King. The new urban sociology
Wise, N. and J. Clark (Eds). Urban transformations: Geographies of renewal and creative change

-Business, Finance and Management

I spent a number of years working with Business Information, both as an academic subject librarian for a university Business School, and in a public library setting where I was part of the team providing business and intellectual property information to small businesses. I’ve gone on to index books in business, management, leadership, finance and marketing.

Titles indexed include:
Carayannis, E.G., Dagnino, G.B., Alvarez, S. and R. Faraci (Eds). Entrepreneurial Ecosystems and the Diffusion of Startups
Hilton, R.M. and R. O’Leary. Leading in Place
Teigland, R., Siri, S., Larsson, A., Moreno Puertas, A. and C. Ingram Bogusz (Eds). The Rise and Development of Fintech

Related qualifications

MscEcon Library and Information Studies