Kirsty Adegboro, BA MA

Location: YORK

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General Experience

I have a background in languages (French and Arabic to degree level) and cultural studies with a particular interest in North and West Africa. I provide back-of-the-book, periodical and embedded indexes in my specialist subject areas, as well as on most subjects which are aimed at a general readership level. I have experience in indexing trade books, academic texts, multi-authored works and the peer-reviewed journal of the Baptist Historical Society.  In addition to my subject specialisms, I welcome work (large or small projects) on most subjects for a general readership.


Arabic (Works About)

BA (Hons) in French and Arabic.
I have indexed a number of medieval books and their commentaries translated from Arabic into English, as well as contemporary works around the Islamic religion and related cultures, including Love, Death, Fame: Poetry and Lore from the Emirati Oral Tradition. Al-Māyidī ibn Ẓāhir (ed. Kennedy, 2022) and various Epistles of the Brethren of Purity (Institute of Ismaili Studies, 2017-2019).

French (Works About)

BA (Hons) French and Arabic, MA Interpreting and Translation Studies in French.
I have indexed a number of literary criticisms of French literature and multi-author works about French popular culture, including The Cambridge History of the Novel in French (2021) and The Oulipo and Modern Thought (Duncan, 2019).

Literature and Poetry In Foreign Languages

I have indexed books on French, Italian and Portuguese, Persian and Arabic literature, including Transnational Italian Studies (ed. Burdett and Polezzi, 2020), The Persian Prison Poem (Gould, 2021) and Francisca Wood and Nineteenth-Century Periodical Culture (Pazos Alonso, 2020).


I indexed the journal for the Baptist Historical Society for a number of years, which covers global and religious history from the 1600s to the present, biographical pieces, theological reflections and local church histories.


BA (Hons) French and Arabic.
My language studies included several modules on Islamic topics, as well as a year residing in Morocco, which has given me a depth of insight into Islamic history, literature and theology.
I have indexed a number of books on Islamic theology and law, medieval Islamic texts and commentaries translated from Arabic to English, and several works on Sufism. Books indexed include An Anthology of Qur’anic Commentaries, Vol. 2: On Women (Bauer and Hamza, 2021) and The Essence of Reality: A Defense of Philosophical Sufism (‘Ayn al-Qudat, 2022).


I have indexed works covering many aspects of Christian and Islamic theology as well as atheism and other world-views, including Transcendent God, Rational World: A Maturidi Theology (Harvey, 2021) and An Atheist’s Guide to God (Phelps, 2018).

Italian (Works About)

BA (Hons) French and Arabic.
I have indexed multi-author academic works on Italian literature and popular culture, including Transcultural Italies: Mobility, Memory and Translation (Burdett, Polezzi and Spadaro, 2020).

Middle East

I have indexed several books in this field, with knowledge of Islamic and Arab culture underpinned by a degree in Arabic, including The Israel-Palestine Conflict: A History (Gelvin, 2021).


I have spent time living and studying in countries across North and West Africa, as well as completing a module in Francophone Studies at University. Indexes include African Heritage Challenges: Communities and Sustainable Development (Baillie, 2020) and Echoes of Empire – 2 volume set: Sierra Leone Philatelic Legacy, 1786-1980 (Halawi, 2020).

Religious History

Indexing the Baptist Quarterly covers global Christian history from 1600 to today, which also incorporates political and social history across that time. My University studies and now recent indexing experience have included various works on medieval Islamic history.

Linguistics - Descriptive and Theoretical

Studying several European languages as well as Arabic has given me a solid foundation in linguistics, as well as indexing a number of works related to this field, including Negation, Expectation and Ideology in Written Texts: A textual and communicative perspective (Nahajec, 2021) and The Phonetics/Phonology Interface (Zsiga, 2020).

Philosophy (All Areas)

Recent indexes have covered works on a variety of philosophical and religious outlooks, as well as a University textbook on the philosophy of language.


As well as indexing in this area, I am a frequent user of books on this subject, and understand the needs of readers.


I am a regular user of books in this field, especially yarn crafts, and therefore familiar with the subject and the needs of readers. Indexes include Rush Basketry: Weaving with Eight Makers (ed. Murphy, 2018).


I have a background in classical music performance and history. Indexes include Black Classical Musicians and Composers, 1500-2000 (King-Dorset, 2019).

Other skills

Embedded Indexing
I have experience in creating and updating embedded indexes in Word.

I have worked as a proof reader for foreign-language technical manuals. I also offer a basic level of proof-reading as a standard service in any indexing work.

I am an experienced translator working from French to English.

Special Publication Type

Journals (Learned And Professional)

Baptist Quarterly, peer-reviewed journal of the Baptist Historical Society.

Diaries And Letters

Several articles in the Baptist Quarterly journal comprising of diary entries and/or letters.

Biographies/ Autobiographies

A number of biographical articles in the Baptist Quarterly journal.